Jalen’s Walks Off, Chiefs Offense Bounces Back and “The Gang Starts a Bidding War” | Ep 66

Jalen’s Walks Off, Chiefs Offense Bounces Back and “The Gang Starts a Bidding War” | Ep 66

92%ers we are back with another episode of New Heights presented by our friends at Experian and the all-new Experian Debit Card and Digital checking account!

In this episode, we’ve got some huge New News about the winner of the auction for the Kylie Kelce signed Eagles jacket, some not dumb questions about locker room interviews, and the guys pick their all NFL hockey starting 5.

We then recap the Chiefs offense rebounding against the Raiders, Travis breaking yet another career milestone, Rashee Rice’s breakout game, and Travis gets a recruitment phone call from one of Cleveland’s finest.

Jason also takes us through the Eagles overtime thriller against the Bills, what he was really thinking watching Jake Elliot’s 60-yard kick, and how Jalen came up clutch with a walkoff TD.

We also go around the league for a look at the current playoff picture, the Panthers coaching situation, “Moon Stats,” and Julian Edelman’s “Cream Season.”

We will be back Friday with a preview of Chiefs at Packers and 49ers at Eagles. We’ll also answer some bonus “No Dumb Questions” and take a look at a submission to the “You Can’t Do This Anymore” category in our upcoming Greatest Highlight of All Time Bracket.

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00:00 – Intro
01:30 – Apple’s Most Followed Show
04:45 – Kylie’s Jacket Winner Revealed
18:40 – Special Guest No Dumb Question
24:50 – Naked Interviews
28:50 – NFL Hockey Starting 5
38:18 – Chiefs at Raiders Recap
44:34 – Travis’ New Record
49:18 – Rasee Rice Breakout
53:54 – Big Red’s Record
56:10 – MGK Calls In
01:04:44 – Bills at Eagles Recap
01:16:10 – Jake “The Make” Elliot Bailed out Jason
01:20:30 – Jalen’s Walk Off TD
01:28:40 – Week 12 Recap
01:33:50 – Moon Stats
01:38:02 – Cream Season
01:40:02 – Stamp of the Week
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38 Responses

  1. @sportslive2017 says:

    We need Nick Foles on the show.

  2. @sandra969 says:

    So glad Kaitlin said it, such a wonderful example of’positive masculinity, sibling love, close family, beautiful personality, big hearts

  3. @milak1691 says:

    Just imagine Taylor beeing somewhere in the house while Travis does the pod.

  4. @Jackaboy1476 says:

    Ok can we all just acknowledge how normal rob and Kaitlin are as a couple. He’s spending a bunch of money on a jacket, she’s a woman so obviously she finds out, and decides “watch this dumbass” and steals the jacket out from under him. That’s something I think every couple can relate to on some level 😂😂😂

  5. @milicentasparks8218 says:

    Travis got a lot of energy today and looks so happy since Taylor is home ❤

  6. @timothypowell9706 says:

    We need Jason and Travis on Law and Order that would be AWESOME! I wonder how much a Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce signed Travis Kelce jersey would go for?

  7. @meghanmae512 says:

    You can always tell when Trav is coming off a win or a loss

  8. @lacylorenson2987 says:

    I’ve been a Chiefs fan forever but I’ve been making a point to watch Eagles games because it’s so fun to hear these two talk about the games. I didn’t intend to have or need a second favorite team but here we are 😂

    • @lynnbowman661 says:

      I’ve done the reverse. Have always been an Eagles fan 🦅 but have definitely made the Chiefs my second favorite team. It doesn’t hurt that they have Andy Reid as their coach who will always be one of my favorite former Eagles’ coach.

    • @lacylorenson2987 says:

      @@lynnbowman661 You can’t help but love him. It’s like the Eagles and Chiefs have become brothers as teams thanks to these two and Andy Reid. They’re doing a lot for the league. Very cool.

    • @susantucker5747 says:

      Colts & Bears fan here. I do the same!

    • @jenniferwolfe7126 says:

      Same! Was definitely rooting for the Eagles after the Chiefs won this week.

    • @ps3udologue says:

      My team has been total ass this year so whenever that happens I pick an AFC and NFC team to watch and following this pod gave me a team to root for in each

  9. @daniellestone3 says:

    12:42 when Jason talks about Kylie making everything good his smile is so sweet.

  10. @alisaboroff4977 says:

    This podcast brings a smile to my heart . I’m a proud mom of of a wonderful autistic boy and as a family we truly appreciate any donations to the cause . God bless you all .

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