Half in the Bag: 2023 Catch-up (Part 1)

Half in the Bag: 2023 Catch-up (Part 1)

(00:00) Intro
(05:26) Comic Book Movies
(08:19) Creed III
(12:35) Talk to Me
(17:40) Scream VI
(21:46) Insidious: The Red Door
(24:15) Where’s Rose?
(28:37) The Boogeyman
(31:01) Beau is Afraid
(36:14) Five Nights at Freddy’s

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42 Responses

  1. @BurningSanta says:

    We’re at a point now where the Plinkett getup makes Rich look younger not older.

  2. @nomorenames7323 says:

    Mike describing 90s adventure games while describing FNAF, then proceeding to say “That’s a game now. That’s not exciting.” is hilarious.

  3. @alphacode5 says:

    I’m a grown man, and went to watch five night’s at freddy’s with my sister, it was the most bizarre experience i ever had watching a movie, it was fully packed with kids, they were shouting excited at all the references, they applauded every time a youtuber made a cameo, there were times when the characters made a comment or a phrase out of nowhere, but i knew it was a reference to the games because every time it happened all the kids went nuts, there is a scene that apparently is a “big reveal” to the fans and when it happened the theater fucking exploded. I think this is what an old man that doesn’t know anything about superheroes must have felt if he went to watch endgame’s premiere. I had a great time

    • @talkingedmma says:

      How gory was it? I have a 10 yrs old son that is just crazy about it and it’s pg13. To give you a reference the Gremlins was too much for him 😅. Hahaha different times I guess, I was watching Freddy Krueger I was so damn young…

    • @gardenia6 says:

      My 11 and 13 enjoyed it, as did I! I can’t believe no mention of the Henson Company animatronics, though.

    • @jimbo9305 says:

      I’m right there with you. My 11 year old son watched it and absolutely loved it. He likes the games too. I couldn’t give a sh*t and I was thoroughly confused the entire time.

      “Minimum wage for security at an abandoned restaurant? Why is that cop always showing up? What? Wait. Huh?”

    • @william4996 says:

      Honestly? Sounds like a great time. The only thing more enjoyable than watching someone thoroughly enjoy something is seeing a bunch of kids thoroughly enjoying something they love.

    • @jimbo9305 says:

      @@william4996 Don’t get me wrong. I love playing the dad who hasn’t got a clue.

  4. @SrPelo says:

    I really want Rich to say Fight Nights at Freddy’s, maybe doing a “hur hur hur hur”

  5. @tubamurray says:

    Nothing makes Mike look older than discussing “modern games” like they’re Sierra point-and-click adventure games.

  6. @LynamUpProductions says:

    Mike trying to explain video games while in the midst of a serious discussion about the FNAF movie is hilarious.

  7. @QuantumPineapple says:

    I’m really glad Mr. Plinkett survived all 87 strains of Covid to give us his review of the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie.

  8. @LadyDarkHatter says:

    I am obsessed with the ideas for Rich Evans in FNAF 2 just as a cameo of the saddest most pathetic man. They don’t even need to pay him, he comes with the licensing rights for the photo.

    • @HerreraAlonso says:

      I imagine yesterdsy that we get a fully function pizzeria in the morning. The msin chsracter is working and he just sees a sad man alone, he thinks that its odd, and later at night when they are closing, he discussed it with hid co worker, its rich evans an when he was a kid his little borther got killed as an accident by one of the animatronics, and on the day his brother birthday comes he goes to the pizzeria as a way to cope a rember hos brother who liked the pleace, cue rich evans telling that he just comes on his brother birthday because he used to lile this place, and cue the dick the birthday boy photo.

  9. @dylanbuchanan6511 says:

    I love Mike’s narcissistic claim he “owns” Rich Evans. It’s refreshing to see a good boss know how to put his foot down on his servants.

  10. @MillieG says:

    I love how Jay did not address Mikes utter bewilderment at the size of Joaquins Phoenix’s BALLS. 😂 He just went on like normal.

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