Jets Fan Rich Eisen Reacts to Aaron Rodgers Announcing He Wants to Move on from the Packers

Jets Fan Rich Eisen Reacts to Aaron Rodgers Announcing He Wants to Move on from the Packers

Rich Eisen reacts to Aaron Rodgers announcing on the Pat McAfee Show that he wants to play for the New York Jets, and debates if the Green Bay Packers should get two first round picks for the 4-time NFL MVP

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34 Responses

  1. tuckgraph says:

    I just hope, 15 years from now, the Jets have better leverage in a deal for Jordan Love.

  2. MixDatSalt says:

    Brady retired and Rodgers went to the AFC… I bet the conferences NEVER have been this lopsided QB wise in history.

    • MüsliBoy says:

      ​@Unlimited Power K1 possibly with a new coach. Shown flashes

    • Snapping Turtle says:

      @RichEisen might as well be the JETS’ GM at this point. 😁✈️🐢💯🏈🏆

    • Richard Cranium says:

      Cousins isn’t young, and I think we’ve seen his ceiling which is only above average imo. Jones has the tools to become great but he could also be cousins 2.0

    • John Chedsey says:

      @Unlimited Power If Justin Fields gets his accuracy down, he’s going to love playing in this conference. Hurts will be the other elite dude, assuming 2022 wasn’t a fluke.

  3. David Martin says:

    As a Jets fan l am delighted with this news. I am also pleased and relieved for Rich because he was getting so worked up yesterday l started worrying for his health!

    • Mike Jehlicka says:

      @Ed Madden yah, like I said, one ring and then thirteen years of excuses. A bunch of MVPs while some none MVP QB got the ring. Yay. What a legend.

    • Ed Madden says:

      @Mike Jehlicka Like when he took a 6 seed to a Super Bowl win. Or when he ran the table with a MASH unit to the NFC Championship game when they had no business being there. Or the playoff game at Az. when he hit the Hall of Famer Jeff Janis with the Hail Mary to send the game to OT and never saw the ball again. How about the throw to Jared Cook to set up the game winner against Dallas in the playoffs when Dallas had the best record in the league. He’s had some rough games in the playoffs but he’s had plenty of clutch games too. May only have one Super Bowl but that’s one more most guys have.

    • Mike Jehlicka says:

      @David Martin so you’ll be happy just making the playoffs? He can’t win the big game. The last 13 years proves that.

    • Mike Jehlicka says:

      @David Martin If your goal is actually winning superbowls, absolutely. He’s been nothing but media hype for 13 years since he won that ring. Hype may get him MVPs but it has done squat for the fans in Green Bay.

    • imadepooh says:

      ​@David Martinyou’re lying to yourself. Don’t worry though, won’t take long for your delusions to be shattered.

  4. William Dillard says:

    If Aaron Rodgers is completely committed ,I believe, could probably play 3 more years. As a Lifelong Detroit Lions fan I will not miss him leaving our division, but I have always admired his QB game. The Jets are ready. They have a really good defense and the acquisition of Rodgers will raise the whole teams game. Let’s get it done so these sports reporters can talk about other great NFL offseason news.

    • Jeremy says:

      ​@David Burros precisely why he wants Jets to bring in guys he is familiar with so he can take the whole off-season off 😆. He’s a bum & Jets fans don’t need to get too excited bc Favre 2.0 will be a Viking in a year or 2 😂

    • David Burros says:

      agreed, but that is a HUMONGOUS NEW YORK CITY POPULATION SIZED IFFFF, and i don’t think he is. i think he’s playing games, i think he doesn’t care very much, i think he’s past his peak. you really think he’s coming to OTAs to build chemistry with the offense and the young guys???

    • William Dillard says:

      @Jon Weisgal The Jets are about to get one of the greatest QBS ever.

    • Jon Weisgal says:

      Hahah I get it – heck Im a die hard Jets fan and I want to stop talking about it already lol

  5. Patty Greene says:

    Rich, I am happy for you. I’ve been blessed to be a Packer fan my entire 63 years. I hope Rodgers can take the Jets to the promise land.

  6. Brian Chua says:

    Lowkey feeling happy for you Rich. After a decade of QB hell, you finally got yourself a real QB.
    Good luck this season!

  7. Manuel Granados Vargas says:

    Nooooo!!! I wanted more Eisen rants, accepting Joe Rogan as fitness coach and whoever, as long as the wait for AR is over.
    Those were awesome and I hope he gets awards.

  8. Andre Dennis says:

    this guy and pat are my favorites they actually keep it real

  9. Ed Madden says:

    The Packers and the Jets will meet somewhere in the middle. I believe Corey Davis might be included in the trade for financial reasons. A 1st and maybe a 4th or a conditional 2024 pick. It will get done. For everyone who said Rodgers is holding the teams hostage I actually believe he’s expediting the process by speaking out.

  10. Asc says:

    While I generally enjoy the Jets misery as a giants fan and Joe Beningo rants. … I am actually happy for them if this works out.

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