Nate Diaz talks Jake Paul defeat: “This is not a real fight, this is a boxing competition”

Nate Diaz talks Jake Paul defeat: “This is not a real fight, this is a boxing competition”

Nate Diaz vs. Jake Paul Post-Fight Press Conference. Check out Nate Diaz at his post fight press conference after losing to Jake Paul.


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46 Responses

  1. Jeff Greenhut says:

    Nate’s the embodiment of “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.”

    • SloppyVM says:

      That is every loser favorite quote after an embarrassing humiliating defeat. They find solace in that quote you know. That’s why it’s so famous among losers or warriors after a defeat in war.

    • harry hampson says:

      @SloppyVMcan I ask u one question an that is what have u achieved in ur life to make u think u can even talk on Nate Diaz in a negative way at all?

    • Kobe says:

      @SloppyVM If Nate who makes millions is a loser what does that make you?

    • Just Me says:

      @SloppyVM😬what you got to say with the other guy

    • Tee Walker says:

      Nate’s old as fk 🤣
      Jackie paul couldn’t last a 3 rounds verse Terrance Crawford or Regis Prograis

  2. Joetoy90 says:

    Bro didn’t win the contest, but he won the crowd. Legend.

  3. Gene Barnes says:

    It’s a beautiful thing to see Nate happy at a press conference .

  4. Lazlo Holt says:

    Diaz calling himself out for being rude was top tier. Fucking love this dude

  5. Jordi El Nino Polla says:

    Dudes almost 40 and went ten rounds with a athletic motivated 26 yo in his prime…in his environment. I’m very proud of nate and how he represents fighting in general

  6. Noah James says:

    I love how Nate made the fight even more of a spectacle than it already was. By the end of it I was thinking that he could go 15 rounds. Old school…Hard not to love someone that is always true to themselves.

    • A_Lil_Bit says:

      REAL INC 💯 ❤

    • Busy Little Bees says:

      I’ve watched a fight that went on for six hours with my own eyes. Bring these boys on our site they’ll get whacked up

    • James Brasco says:

      He was terrible

    • Luis Mejia says:

      ⁠@Busy Little Beesmust not know that in boxing it’s easier to keep the fight going vs with other forms of martial arts,when boxing first started it would go to who ever gets knocked or would quit so sometimes it’d go past 30 rounds but that got fixed for legal reasons

  7. Abdo says:

    U can’t call someone a loser when no matter what happened to him he always carry himself like a winner

  8. SgtMaj says:

    Why Nate is a fan favorite, is he is one of the few fighters that will fight anyone even if it means losing. He comes in just looking normal weight and not someone that is much larger and cuts weight to have an advantage. Keep on entertaining us Nate!

    • Ahmed says:

      he ducked Khabib more than once i don’t know what u r talking about

    • Chad USA says:

      This is the most sensational comment section I’ve ever seen 😂If nate won you guys would’ve trashed jake for losing 😂

    • Cody Steff says:

      ​@Ahmednate was never signed on to fight khabib at any point in his career so hows he gonna duck him? On top of that nate slapped the shit out of him at a 2015 pfl event before there was brawl that got broken up. Nate isnt scared of anyone. If a fight didnt happen it was cause of contract negotiations not who he was fighting.

    • Ahmed says:

      @Cody Steff Nate turned down the fight and refused to sign the contract multiple times according to the UFC that’s what ducking means

    • Cody Steff says:

      ​@Ahmedthere is literally no confirmed account of nate or khabib being offered a contract to fight each other. Other than justin gaejthe saying nate supposedly turned him down multiple times it hasnt ever been a fact. At the time nate and justin were having an online feud and its possible justin was just talking shit because they are represented by the same manager Ali whos known for lying to media to gain rep and sell fights. So go ahead and keep hating on nate and spouting baseless claims to try and prove your point.

  9. Kaniala says:

    Nate Diaz for life! Made my night. This dude is unreal 👏

  10. Chelsea Savage says:

    When he said “I’m sorry Rich” to his coach during the fight I kinda teared up.

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