Shedeur Sanders Talks, TOM BRADY, Nebraska & TCU

Shedeur Sanders Talks, TOM BRADY, Nebraska & TCU

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  1. Ted Lytle says:

    Shedeur and Coach Prime would have had this success wherever they chose to go. As a longtime Buff fan, I can’t thank you enough for choosing CU. Shedeur, you have all the skill to change the face and conversation in college football for years to come. Thank you all for choosing beautiful Boulder, Colorado!

    • Gigi Free says:

      Finally someone is speaking the truth. They would have been successful almost anywhere. And yes boulder is beautiful.

  2. James Bond says:

    True leadership. I love to see him play as senior. Don’t think it’s going to happen. His QB IQ is off the charts. Maybe it’s me but I’ve never heard any college QB explain their mindset in the game like Shadeur. Top 5 NFL pick.

  3. Apu says:

    Best QB in college 🙌 hands down ⬇️

  4. System 87 says:

    Hats off on that BIG win Shedeur!!! What an awesome game and all the best with Nebraska this weekend. Haters gonna hate…UR Legit…keep playing hard and being YOU!! 🏈

  5. Big Mike says:

    Young man’s intellectual level about life and the game is extremely advanced.

  6. Hoang Le says:

    Such a winning mentality. Locked in, steady, unwavering, not content, always learning and getting better, with crazy consistency. Honestly, his playmaking, he makes it look easy. Incredible stuff. All eyes watchin, He Shinin’

  7. Alex H says:

    IMO, Shedeur’s throwing mechanics and footwork really reminds me of Tom Brady. Even his overall pocket presence, like where his shoulders are, the mini body movements as he stands there going through his progressions. It’s pretty insane.

  8. MKFLWLESS K says:

    Absolutely, you’re the best college QB in the country!!! I’m forever #TeamShedeur #TeamShiloh #TeamPrime #TheeForever

  9. Luong V says:

    Congrats bro!!! I like the fact that you sounded mature and confidence without being cocky. You are being real just like your dad. Best wishes on your next game.

  10. Stardust DNA says:

    I see why he’s nicknamed “grown” 😁 Such a mature, forward thinking, likable young man. Praying for Shedeur, his family, the team and staff 🙏

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