Jokić Drops A Triple-Double In The Nuggets Season-Opening W Over Lakers | NBA on TNT

Jokić Drops A Triple-Double In The Nuggets Season-Opening W Over Lakers | NBA on TNT

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47 Responses

  1. SuperNASCARrocks says:

    I completely agree with Chuck. AD isn’t even mentioned as one of the top guys in the league anymore. He averaged 25 and 12 last season. That’s great and all but when you spend most of the time on IR, there’s a serious issue. We’ve seen when he’s healthy he can dominate. But he has fallen off.

    • 38 Baby says:

      Laker fans swear he’s a top 5 player in the world and get on ESPN you’ll see Stephen A and Kendrick Perkins say he’s a top 10 player what are you talking about?

    • Tiros says:

      I think fans, especially Lakers fans needs to see AD for what he is rather than what he could have been. It’s nice to see what he could have been when he was 21 or 25 but dude is 30 soon. His injury rap sheet is just gonna get worse.

    • SuperNASCARrocks says:

      @Tiros Exactly

    • Jonathan Chan says:

      lakers are in trouble

    • jero123able says:

      Nah HE FALLEN OFF cause thats the media narrative to him look on kawhi kd they miss lot of games yet they still recognize as top player

  2. melian9999 says:

    Lebron has 106 triple doubles in year 21, Jokic will tie him next game most likely in his 8th year

  3. Ricardo Pozos-Guzman says:

    Anthony Davis is getting started early disappointing Lakers fans

    • Lakers In 5 says:

      I believe in him. Let’s go L A K E R S 💜 💛 🏀

    • 38 Baby says:

      Maybe if Laker fans didn’t consistently overrate him he wouldn’t disappoint them 😂

    • 👻 Gabriel 🎃 says:

      @38 Babybeing paid 62 Mil per year to be inconsistent is pathetic. It ain’t overrating him at this point anymore. At least score a point in the 2nd half 😭

    • 38 Baby says:

      @👻 Gabriel 🎃
      He’s getting paid that because the Lakers decided to pay him that lol. When I say overrating I say they swear he’s a top 5 player and the best big in the game when he’s nowhere near that. How about talk less and let him play. Because today we nor hearing about how the best off season in history is looking like a joke all the role players are trash and the Lakers didn’t get any better lol

  4. Cam says:

    I still believe Nuggets are the toughest team to beat. Jokic is just ridiculous.

  5. Doc D. says:

    Looking at the triple double leaders. I’am confident Jokic would pass Magic this year as long as he is healthy.

    • Holdmyweight35 says:

      What about LeBron?

    • MF DOOMtr33 says:

      ​@Holdmyweight35he’s only 1 behind Bron (and Kidd who are at 4th all time) so he’ll pass him in the next few games.

    • [Insert Name] says:

      Idk how true this is, but it feels like a triple double from a center has so much more impact. At least that’s how it feels like when watching Jokic.

    • 2019 NBA Champions says:

      @[Insert Name]your absolutely right. Triple doubles from Joker win games and now a chip… triple dubs from Westbrook mean nothing 😂😂😂😂

  6. JD. Frazier says:

    Jokic broke The Lakers and their fans last year. The tradition continues. Total domination.

    • Yuda Liu says:

      but the lakers almost came back and won… I think they figured something out… the nuggets better watch out, that’s 5 moral victories in a row for the Lakers dating back to last year 🤣

    • Charlotte Corday says:

      You LOVE to see it!

    • Caryne Brickhouse says:

      What tradition bro it was only last year smh i see this as Denver getting their pay back from 2020 ain’t no tradition

    • Jrokkt31 says:

      5 game win streak got yall talking like that huh 😭

    • Josh Friedel says:

      I would disagree with this as a Cavs fan. Lakers were not even suppose to make the playoffs…yet they barely made it in and almost made it to the NBA finals…that in my mind says more than what Denver did…

  7. Mario Cardenas says:

    It’ll always be a tough night when you’re going up against the best team and the best player in the league. They got the best of us tonight but we have to keep it pushing. The season doesn’t end after game 1

    • Van Jones says:

      We will have a solid year , but I see the same scenario in the playoffs from last year once we play teams with equal size and athleticism. The elephant in the room is how to get a third star that comes with about 20 point average but this won’t happen until Lebron retires. Real Lakers fan like yourself before LeBron

    • Aidan Nicol says:

      @Van JonesI feel like y’all gotta move on from dlo, Vincent is a better fit for the system and plays much better defense, and the lakers need that more than anything. Maybe try to get a better third scorer with dlo as the main piece

  8. Unruly Rebel says:

    Lakers giving the Nuggets KCP should be a war crime, plus it was off one of his best shooting season too 😂

  9. Charlotte Corday says:

    Those casual 3s the Joker hits out of the blue never fail to take my breath away. I really don’t think he’s human.

    • My You...Tube says:

      No mate he is Serbian…same thing.

    • Brock Landers says:

      It’s too easy for him.

    • no one says:

      In Serbia we have some great energy for sports, last Olympics we won 16 medals, 3 gold, 6 silver, 7 bronze, 2st place in mundobasket without Jokic, 1st place in world and 2 place Europe volleyball women, maybe I forget some medals… anyway we have 6mil people, like one city in U.S…😉

  10. Ronaldo Gilley says:

    Nuggets are on another level😰they are still the favorites…and I’m a legit Lakers fan saying this

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