ARK: Survival Ascended Launch Trailer

ARK: Survival Ascended Launch Trailer

ARK is reimagined from the ground-up in this next-generation of video game technology with Unreal Engine 5! Form a tribe, tame & breed hundreds of unique dinosaurs and primeval creatures, explore, craft, build, and fight your way to the top of the food-chain. Your new world awaits!

Available today on PC!

Coming in November to consoles!

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36 Responses

  1. Syntac says:

    Amazing work! So excited to play!

  2. Welyn says:

    This looks beautiful!! Now to finish editing my last survival evolved vid before I can start playing 😂😂

  3. NikkoRA says:

    Es hermoso, le tengo tanto cariño a este juego, lo he jugado en solitario tantas horas… los peores años de mi vida los pase jugando ark, era mi rato de felicidad, cada que salia un dcl era feliz, mi favorito fue aberration, recuerdo que no veia videos para poder explorar los mapas sin saber nada de ellos, ni que criaturas eran nuevas, ni donde estaban las cuevas o que jefes habia, compre el juego con los dlc y sus expansiones y con muchas ganas y felicidad lo volveré a comprar ahora con su remodelación, me puse muy emotivo, pero amo este juego.

  4. Dartuche says:

    Those environmental details are INSANE! The mountains actually look like proper mountains with all that ground cover and shrubbery!

  5. Its Gman says:

    I’m super excited to see how Aberration looks with these amazing graphics

  6. Pine Apple says:

    This game will forever have my heart. Thousands of hours i spend with it and every single new survivor i created, brought me so much fun! Thank u for all those years and i am excited about what comes next! 💖

  7. YoshiGamer says:

    UAU!!! Incrível

  8. Favidovi says:

    0:22 I just love the way Titanoboa moves here, it’s realistic movement through the water and going out the water is just amazing! I don’t think it’s seen here, but when creatures leave water they are kind of wet for some time?? I would love to have that feature too!

  9. XXX. XXX says:

    Ark é o melhor jogo já inventado, o quanto esse jogo mudou minha vida, me tirou de uma depressão profunda, as vezes tem os momentos de raiva óbvio mais a nostalgia desse jogo é surreal

  10. matias montecinos says:

    Se ve precioso ! 🦖🦕🖤

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