Juice WRLD, Eminem & benny blanco – Lace It (Official Audio)

Juice WRLD, Eminem & benny blanco – Lace It (Official Audio)

Juice WRLD, Eminem and benny blanco – “Lace It” is available now: https://juicewrld.lnk.to/LaceIt

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47 Responses

  1. @Subbyllc says:

    RIP juice wrld

  2. @KnoxHill says:

    RIP Juice 🙏 What a track and tribute 🔥

  3. @bankaimonarch3622 says:

    00:14 Juice WRLD, Eminem & benny blanco’s lyrics convey distrust and disillusionment with society.
    00:40 Facing temptations and struggles with addiction.
    00:59 The song talks about drug use and feeling detached from reality.
    01:25 Struggle with addiction and its consequences
    01:49 The temptation and consequences of fame and substance abuse
    02:14 Tragic losses of young artists due to drugs and violence.
    02:40 Warning against prescription drug abuse and the need for caution
    03:06 The song lyrics talk about refusing to die and remaining high-spirited.
    We miss you Juice Wrld🥹🥹

  4. @Charlotte__Single__again says:

    RIP Juice 🕊 Eminem absolutely killed it and the fact he’s shouted Juice out at the end of his verse and is tapped in with us younger generation is hard! 🔥

  5. @Luc_B63 says:

    I still listen to and miss him every day, I hope he’s resting easy. I believe without doubt, if he was still around today he’d be as famous as Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Post Malone, etc. For his specific age, he was simply unmatched

    He was only 21 for a week and was only in the music scene 2 years and already had songs with Uzi, Eninem, etc. Even now he’s revered as one of the greatest free stylers in history and he’s indisputably one of the most talented and influential artists in history, especially in our generation. A lot of massive artists have machines creating their stuff, Jarad was the machine. He has multiple songs over 1 billion plays, 1 diamond song, of which there are only 125 of in history, and it’s likely all girls are the same will also reach diamond in 2024. Again, all at the age of 21. Mainly 20 as he was only 21 for a week when he left us

    Just like Lyrical Lemonade said “Seeing his name up there with like Drake, Juice, Taylor Swift, Post Malone, Travis Scott. These are people that have machines behind them, that’s part of their stature keeping them at that top 5 in the world. Juice wasn’t trying to be that, Juice just became that”

    In short, he was one of the most naturally talented, inspirational, hard working, caring, loving, and pure hearted people to walk the Earth. I hope he’s resting well, he’s earned it

    You helped and genuinely saved so many, I just wish we could’ve done the same for you. You had a positive, permanent, and priceless influence on millions. We all Love and miss you so much, Jarad. Hopefully we’ll get to see you again one day and meet you in paradise. Rest in peace, you’ll be forever missed and never forgotten, Jarad Higgins 999 🩶🖤❤️

    • @TZG_2 says:

      this comment needs more love literally da most heartfelt and thoughtful comment i’ve ever read, he speaks for all of us in this comment fr.

    • @999jwgang says:

      Bro your Comment is felt from the heart 999 forever

    • @chrisnewell1065 says:

      He wouldn’t be anywhere near as big as em, drake etc.. no chance. He would do pretty well though.

    • @Luc_B63 says:

      @chrisnewell1065  idk man he was the 3rd most streamed artist in 2022 and in the beginning of 2023 which is still years after his death, even now years and years after he died he has around half the monthly listeners of Drake so idk tbh bro 🤣

    • @typicaltyler385 says:

      He would of bean bigger if you look at the numbers he would of bean on Elvis presley statis

  6. @smiller8517 says:

    Eminem’s last goodbyes to Juice in this song is so heartwarming, and yet so damn depressing at the same time. Rest well, Juice.

  7. @anthonylynch423 says:

    Juice literally helped me through so much. I was battling a pain killer addiction and raising a special needs son at the same time. More depressed than I had ever been. I’m thankful I beat that addiction and I’m still here with my son. The light of my life. I’m thankful juice lightened the load on my shoulders while he was carrying a boulder. He helped me at my lowest while going through the fight of his life as well. I’m sorry he couldn’t beat his addiction but I’m thankful he has helped so many. He was this generations Tupac. That was his impact. He will be missed. 999.

  8. @mikeyczfn says:

    Em still killing it at 50 years old. Nothing but respect for both legends. Rest easy Juice ❤️

  9. @andrewp.stewart4585 says:

    Kids of this generation just won’t understand. Eminem is literally TIMELESS. R.I.P. Juice, we love you. 999 Forever. 🙏🏽

  10. @arsalenebehi says:

    Eminem and Juice are and will always be two of the greatest, most influencial rappers of all time. RIP Jared your legacy will forever live on! 999 forever.

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