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33 Responses

  1. @FehDubs says:

    Bryce’s voice is simply incredible, he totally conveys the pain that the character is feeling, that’s really admirable. The totally fluid animation is worthy of a lot of applause to the animators!! the melody, instrumental of the song is very exciting. I cried listening to this. Thank you for making the song canon!! Looking forward to getting much more emotional watching the episode!!! 🌙✨️

  2. @loveme-Or-Hateme says:

    Vivziepop has successfully created a fanbase that can actually generate top-tier content and storytelling that she can then pick and choose from to elevate into canon stories and moments. *_Just incredible all around_*

  3. @paoloi7507 says:

    This song is an absolutely awesome, beautiful and heartbreaking song. Bryce Pinkham’s vocal singing range is incredible. This man deserves an award for this song and for singing “You Will Be Okay”.

  4. @Centurion0419 says:

    God, I never thought you could turn the feeling of utter complete despair of loving someone so deeply you’d be willing to let them go to keep them happy into a truly moving, beautiful song

  5. @namelessnavnls8060 says:

    I- wow.. just.. wow. This is gorgeous both audibly and visually and I lack the words to praise it enough.
    Anyone who said Bryce couldn’t sing before must be eating those words. Lol. He is a incredibly talented singer and actor. The grief he captures in this performance is absolutely stunning. The whole crew should feel so proud. This series and its characters are really something special and everyone who worked to make it come to life is talented and deserves applause, no matter what the critiques of it all may say. (And that last expression on Stolas’ face as he reaches toward the sky- Oh my heart.)

  6. @anastasiadark5945 says:

    Это так прекрасно, что пробивает на слезы. Визуал, голос, музыка, чувства в песне – так прекрасно

  7. @jessicanigri says:


  8. @jacobalfano8297 says:

    This song can’t simple be exampled. You can hear the emotions in Stolas’s voice, and you can see how much he has changed since the first phone call in episode one of Helluva Boss. He went form a man only wanting pleasure to someone battling his emotions not knowing if they are real or not, to realizing he’s in Love with Blitz. He’s battling his emotions because he doesn’t think blitz sees him that way. He’s scared of his own feelings; he’s scared of being hurt from the person he loves the most and scared of messing up. Such a beautiful song, so many emotions.

  9. @skittlessky9213 says:


    It is expected
    An oath by blood to hold the tome
    And the starlight passes overhead
    Fuels all the skills I’ve honed

    I am a guardian
    A watcher of these ancient rites
    Yet I find myself drawn from that path
    On those dazzling moonlit nights

    Let me hold you
    Keep you close to me
    I long to hear your voice

    But dearest,
    I know better now
    I must give you this choice

    I can give you everything you need
    Or do you want to hear me plead?
    Just look my way
    Just look my way

    Is there something more that I don’t know?
    That you won’t say ’til we’ve both grown cold?
    Just say
    Please stay
    Look my way

    This unspoken contract
    A deed we forged for mutual gain
    If that’s all this was when you’re not here
    What is this rooted pain?

    I don’t care that you’re of lower station
    Or primed to sate my dark temptations
    Why can’t you understand?
    Let me explain!

    And I’m terrified
    As I cry
    To make these feelings true
    What’s left for me and my broken heart
    If I cannot have you?

    Unless its me?
    And no matter what in this world I could give
    Its not enough
    To get through the walls you’ve conjured up to live?

    Is this what you feel?
    Scorned by a realm that cannot comprehend
    What you are

    So I’ll grant you this mercy,
    This bind

    On our souls’ needs to end
    I will try to make amends
    For making you means to an end

    So look my way
    Please look my way

    And if there’s something more that I don’t know?
    I’ll save us before we both grow cold
    If you stay
    And just say
    Look my way

  10. @SugarsnapCaely says:

    I AM ACTUALLY CRYING HOLY SHIT!!! BRAVO!! The animation is absolutely STUNNING and BREATHTAKING. The original song, as well as all of ParanoidDJs works have been some of my favorites to come out of this fanbase. The changed lyrics were brilliant and fit the tone perfectly.

    Bryce did an outstanding job at performing this version of the song just… UGHHHHH. I will be watching this on REPEAT alongside the original version.

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