FORTNITE BIG BANG EVENT (best event ever)

FORTNITE BIG BANG EVENT (best event ever)


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  1. @theeggyhippo says:

    Always a good century when lazar post a new video

  2. @DriftyYT says:

    Despite lacking lore, this event was truly a feast for the eyes in terms of presentation and quality.

    • @ProfAntronis says:

      It’s not quite lacking lore, we just changed the Fortnite History with the time machine and Zero Point becoming one, making Reality Zero into Trillions of Realities from what I can understand, that’s why all the Realities are intertwined from what they showed at the end, EVERY Fortnite universe is now a piece of the Zero Point, not just the normal BR map

    • @ParkerPOW says:

      @@ProfAntronisI think this event was the end of the lore. I have a feeling they don’t really care anymore

    • @NyesoEX says:

      @@ParkerPOW for me seems more like a soft-reboot since donald mustard leaved the fortnite team, and he was the man behind the lore, so the new team behing the lore must have used this oportunity to make a soft reboot, since the entire plot of chapter 4 was the impending doom coming to the island, loosing the seven and the zeropoint being deactivated, hence why Slone sended Jones back in time to change everything, since Slone was who commisioned the team for a heist last seasson

    • @LiteralRuler says:

      How yall know so much about this game😭

    • @user-pd3bf4ku3o says:

      Lore 🤓

  3. @profpie says:

    Overall this is likely the largest scale event but however Epic made the event shorter to make it higher quality, also if anyone played the first one and is going to play either of the re-runs, use the rift to get on the meteor at the pre-game area (Rift activated if you try to enter the low area of dusty)
    Edit: apparently the event was a long one but it just felt short XD

  4. @dinho_is_my_dad says:

    Congrats for holding the Number 1 and 2 spots now for most concurrent viewers on a stream. You clocked 902K viewers at one point. Unbelievable stuff

    • @oranzbowl says:

      i literally was watching a stream a few months ago that had like 1.3 mil viewers this one isn’t even close (iirc it was the sidemen match)

  5. @shapeswitch_mood7221 says:

    The addition of your team hoping in cutscenes is so good!

  6. @Invationant says:

    Can’t believe I got up at 5 30 for this and missing it because of a 1 hour que. Thank you lazarbeam for abling me to watch it live.

  7. @AmuseZone says:

    Lazar you are the best of the best. I love you bro!

  8. @dylpickle6123 says:

    I was hoping the meteor would be stopped this time. Was that the original plan of the rocket when it first happened all those seasons ago? Or was it meant to destroy the map

    • @CatalystGP says:

      Think it was meant to contain the zero point by acting as a cover/shield

    • @Outcastsage9033 says:

      the zero point was being unstable in season x so “the seven” used the meteor to try and fix it or something, but i don’t think they intended to cause a black hole that would destroy the map

    • @Bubbsmc says:

      ​@@CatalystGPit was ment to stop the IO from re gaining controll of the 0 point after they reset the loop

    • @cheese12312 says:

      basically the seven were trying to reset the loop so the IO doesnt regain power of the zero point but also, they did it because if the zero point kept getting more unstable it would cause more damage then the blackhole that happened

    • @PridelovalecSipka says:

      Duuuuuuude lol you cant because zero point is infinite looping jesssuuuuuuss

  9. @AlexGarner-jn9fm says:

    That was bloody amazing btw I did not get to do this but now seeing it I am glad for the people who did get to participate😀

  10. @J4d0nvids says:

    10/10. The event felt so perfect and fun. You had Eminem, Three whole new modes, and so many teasers. Fortnite is becoming one of the most insane games ever, and I’m here for it.

    • @qjxiedpgoe2760 says:

      the event was so bad. you basically watch a trailer for the next season and then listen to the intro for lose yourself and a single verse from godzilla

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