Kai Cenat Talks About New York City Giveaway

Kai Cenat Talks About New York City Giveaway

Kai Cenat Talks About New York City Giveaway
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37 Responses

  1. No Life Shaq says:

    I love how bro 🙏🏾 for his supporters 💯 Ain’t too many that do that!

  2. Lanaja Shaw says:

    We love you Kai Imma pray that god watches over you and keep you sane and positive. You hands down DO NOT DESERVE to be listed as nothing but a wonderful, funny, loving, and enthusiastic man

  3. LifewQuann says:

    respect to you Kai and it ain’t your fault at all that people ain’t grew up in home training and productive behavior like they should including kids in this generation. hope you still recover from what happened and it really ain’t your fault while everybody else blaming it on you. keep on going Kai and never give up.

  4. BucketHatBert says:

    Never really tuned into Kai until that happened , but This video should get just as much media attention as the stuff that happen in New York that day. Salute to him for addressing this with a clear strong mind. Share this video

  5. HoopHorrah says:

    MAJOR respect to Kai!! I knew you wasn’t gonna condemn this shit, and most importantly REALIZE how much influence you have! Kai, you have made it pass a threshold not many people have a chance to pass, and I’m so glad that you using your platform to create change in where we from. Props to you, brother🙌🏼👏🏼

    • Justin TheMan says:

      Why would he condone it tho 😂 he different want that to happen. Plus he wants to throw other events for the future he said

    • Isaac Rivas says:

      Think y’all putting too much on a celebrity, realize change happens within yourself and how you conduct yourself. Blame yourselves for everything. Own yo sht, learn and grow.

  6. AyoooWTF says:

    Real people and fans know Kai doesn’t condone violence he’s a genuine good dude. Goes to show the fame and popularity can be a double edged sword 🗡️



    • Miz Sorceress says:

      Well yeah it’s common sense when you have this much fame, he got a good reality check though. He bout to get a hefty fine though

    • Hermes says:

      yeah because we know him irl

    • Tuelz says:

      @Hermes lol just the last 11months I been getting lit in YT and got to talk to alot of bigger Youtubers and I noticed alot of them are nothing like they are on camera. IG alot of this is just fake kindof like rap

    • Kaize says:

      @Hermes you don’t need to know him irl he spends more time on stream that he does with his family and friends his audience knows him better than a lot of people who know Him irl

  7. Loved By You says:

    Kai Cenat actually doesn’t seem like a bad person at all. The fans are the ones that misrepresent him. Good for him for showing up mature, and vocalizing his intentions.

    • Astro-_-Turbo says:

      Yeah it’s just his fans” and just buffoons, Kai does wild stuff but he doesn’t do illegal things like the people were doing in New York

    • testing says:

      He is not a bad person and had no bad intention with this. He is just incredibly dim witted.

  8. shrek says:

    kai were here for you,this wasnt ur fault those people had no control,keep doing what your doing

    • November says:

      It is his fault. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that if you congregate tens of thousands of young immature kids together, bad things will happen. He clearly didn’t think it through and didn’t have bad intentions but it’s his fault, don’t try shift the blame.

    • Blobby says:

      it kinda was. it wasnt hard to make the giveaway safer

    • Jonathan Joestar says:

      He’s mainly to blame, but let’s not pretend that the people that came over and trashed the entire place aren’t partly to blame either. They could have chosen not to do those things, and Kai Cenat should have chosen to plan things out first.

  9. ⭕Free Giftcard Giveaway says:

    The energy of this guy in making all these episodes from season one until now is just amazing and he deserves much respect 👍

  10. redakdal says:

    you know you earned my respect kai, that deserves a follow, I won’t lie I really thought you wouldn’t say anything but you really showed me wrong, you made your community and yourself accountable, and thats something very few creator’s do

    mad respect

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