Team Coverage: Deadly wildfires rip through Maui; Bay Area families stranded

Team Coverage: Deadly wildfires rip through Maui; Bay Area families stranded

Wind whipped wildfires tore through the Hawaiian island of Maui on Tuesday, killing at least six people. Bay Area residents on vacation are also stranded. Anne Makovec, Jose Martinez and Paul Heggen report. (8/9/23)

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  1. CateB says:

    As an Australian who’s experienced exactly this when our country burned back in 2019/2020, my heart breaks for you all. Love and thoughts from Australia ❤

  2. ItzCaseyKC says:

    Heartfelt condolences to those who lost loved ones & friends in this horrible situation. May the firefighters be kept safe, and the medical workers be able to alleviate the suffering as needed. Prayers going out to all those trapped at Maui; that they can find a flight back to the States or large ships to sail back home on.

  3. Andy McKane says:

    As a resident of Maui County (I live in Maunaloa in western Molokai closer to Oahu than Maui), our air has been full of smoke and dust for the past 24-hours. We’ve had high winds since early Monday. It’s now 1520 local time, Wednesday, 9 August. With my wife’s prompting, we returned from the town of Kaunakakai an hour ago. My wife received a call from a member of our church. My wife, Debbie, quickly rounded up some supplies and towels, sheets and blankets. As recent former Mainlanders, I was quite impressed to see all the boxes and bags of household supplies other members of our church had already put together for the people of Maui. This warms my heart like few things could ever do. Here in Hawaii we are all one big Ohana. The town of Lahaina (which Ka’anapali Beach is part of) is worst hit by these fires. The wonderful people of Hawaii will quickly recover. Of this I am absolutely certain. The wind has been extreme since early Monday/. It’s still quite powerful as this is being written. Andy McKane, Maunaloa, Molokai, 9 August 2023.

    • Lori Qua says:

      God Bless you and your wife and everyone else coming to their aid. Let us know if the Red Cross or another organization is helping that we can donate to as well.

    • Karen E says:

      So sorry 😢 Prayers for all of you there on Maui & those who lost their lives and homes & businesses in Lahaina. Beautiful Maui is my most favorite island of all !
      I am supposed to travel to Maui in September, but will not be going now. Please take care 🙏💔🥲❤

    • Free Spirit With Nature says:

      I pray everyone is okay. Please take care and help one another. One thing I do know is that we all need each other. Climate change is real. Stay safe, everyone. Keep us posted. ❤Michele Ontario Canada 🇨🇦.. Bless Debbie and yourself for doing all you can.

    • Money for Nothing says:

      Please get out safely.

  4. Ricardo Fierro says:

    I can’t believe that people are upset because their flight from the states to Hawaii had been canceled. Basically people are still trying to get to Hawaii, how crazy.

    • Beautybeyondthebeast says:

      Yes, we are suppose to be sad they dont get to go on their vacay.

    • TheLogicalDanger says:

      If you guys had listened, it was people who live in Hawaii who had been on vacation outside of Hawaii who were trying to get back to their home.

    • R.A. says:

      @TheLogicalDanger no the last red shirt guy was a tourist. why would a local be using VRBO?

    • TheLogicalDanger says:

      @R.A. I’d assumed because he had to find a place on the mainland to stay because he couldn’t get back to Hawaii, but in relistening, I think you are correct. The news reporter was talking about locals who couldn’t make it back home, and then they put on this guy, but it does sound like he is just a tourist.

    • Ricardo Fierro says:

      @TheLogicalDanger If you had read what I wrote, Basically I didn’t say anything about going on vacation. I just said they were trying to get to Hawaii . It’s a big bad fire , stay away and stay safe.

  5. mauibabe128 says:

    i live in lower kula, maui and last night was one of the most terrifying nights of my life. my whole family and i had to leave to head down to kihei, thinking we’d be safe there. also had to evacuate there. the town i grew up in, lahaina, gone. its absolutely horrible and we still don’t know if we lost our home. everything was normal 48 hours ago. now this. maui will never be the same.

    • WizzardOfPaws says:

      Gosh that’s terrifying! But you are safe and that’s a good thing

    • Shannon Murray says:

      😢 i am hearbroken

    • Linnette Klumpp says:

      Prayers for you all.

    • DBGiants16 says:

      I’m glad you and the family are ok, fires are devastating!! My family lost everything in a fire on Mother’s Day 2015. I will always remember that day, my heart goes out to you and I am so glad you are all ok. You will rebuild, it’s rough but you got this!! God bless

    • Maryann Rymer says:

      So sorry you are going through this horror. I was in Lahaina 6 yrs ago. Was so much fun. I remember the huge banyan tree. Do you know if the firefighters were able to save the beautiful tree? They are not mentioning the tree on the news.
      Praying for Maui.

  6. Grand memaw says:

    Prayers go out to everyone affected it’s horrible so sorry this is happening.

    Praying my friends there are safe.

  7. Doreen Plischke says:

    My heart goes out to all of you. My condolences to everyone experiencing loss and pain.😢❤

  8. BarbG says:

    The fires that is happening is terriable. I, pray, for all the Island people. This is sad day for all.

  9. Cynthia McGee says:

    Prayers for the people and the animals

  10. P Velvet says:

    Prayers to the families. Hope they get the help they need ASAP!

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