Kanye West – Come to Life (Official Video)

Kanye West – Come to Life (Official Video)


Directed by Kanye West and Nico Ballesteros

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35 Responses

  1. BULL1TRC says:

    One of the best Kanye songs of all time. Point blank

  2. Quadeca says:

    This might be the most beautiful song ye has ever put out

  3. Sean Pratt says:

    No matter how you feel about Kanye, you really got to let this one soak in.

  4. soundslikepizza says:

    Very cool Mr Kanye

  5. Ivan Jerónimo says:

    Donda is a special album.
    One of those that make you don’t even care about what other people think/say about it…DONDA IS ALBUM OF THE LIFE!!

  6. Project Newsense says:

    This shit hit so hard at the show. Healing music, kids all ages and races. Kanye makes music for the outcasts that finally get their glow.

  7. SHXTAFXK says:

    Como não chorar com uma porra dessa, bglh perfeito.

  8. V Ledesma says:

    This song couldn’t have come at a better time for me, and everything I am feeling and going through right now. I cry everytime I hear it. Praying for a better life! Thank you Kanye!

  9. Aadit Krishna says:

    the visuals really just made the song better, especially with his childhood house burning down

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