Taliban fighters enter what was the U.S.-controlled portion of the Kabul airport.

Taliban fighters enter what was the U.S.-controlled portion of the Kabul airport.

Taliban fighters enter a hangar at the Kabul airport and examine Chinook helicopters left behind after the U.S. left Afghanistan.


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40 Responses

  1. Vincent Coke says:

    Fun fact:
    Taliban is opening US Army surplus stores all over Afghanistan.

    • John J Rambo says:

      @John Hernandez I know how you feel. I want a m16. I’ll never be able to get one. But biden just handed them out to terrorists.

    • Jon says:

      @Kraang ‎‎‎‎‎‎​ Only a deluded trump supporter could equate leaving Afghanistan with “making war everywhere”.

    • Jon says:

      @John Hernandez I’m sure you were also complaining when Trump handed M1 tanks over to ISIS right? Oh you weren’t? Roflmao.

      Those weapons are ancient pieces of crap given to the ANA, who surrendered and left them for the Taliban. Just like when Trump gave even more weapons to the Iraqi Army who retreated and left them for ISIS.

      Or Vietnam where we did the exact same thing. Do you imagine when we leave wars we leave absolutely nothing behind? No we take almost nothing with us back and only destroy the most advanced equipment.

    • John Hernandez says:

      @Jon idiot. We left fully equipped blackhawks ect. Outdated pieces of crap 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️. Wake up!!! Not for me but for yourself.

    • Rawr I’m a deinosaur says:

      @Seven Hunnid No-Body-Cares

  2. Otis Wilson says:

    I like how the media is casually with the Taliban showing us this… says alot.

    • Hector Ayala says:

      @drummerboy1 lol bidens son don’t have any polital power…also..it is easy to trace how much trump grew china’s economy bet u have nothing on Biden growing china’s economy…just bullshit you repeat from what you “researched” on facbook.😄

    • caseclosed93 says:

      They think Trump supporters are worse than the Taliban

    • Jon says:

      @OuterBox Thinker I agree, we should start with Christians because they also worship the same God. Let’s purge all religion.

      Wait is that not what you wanted? Lmao.


      allright, then overthrow your government i would say

    • Shooting sports Transparency says:

      Perhaps it’s a idea to change the Bald Eagle as the official United States emblem into a Seagull. Entering a place screaming out loud like a flock of seagulls, shitting it all over before leaving it, tail between legs while leaving all high tech US weaponry behind for the Taliban and IS.

  3. Sean Poyser says:

    Is it just me or do those look like UC troops? How strange. We train and supply them and now they have a lot. Ironic huh.

    • Canuck Canadian says:

      Because it’s all US gear? They have access to 80 billion worth of equipment and supplies.

    • K-Ron says:

      Yeah it’s a pretty sorry state of affairs that they look more legit than the ANA ever did. They knew for months this would happen, why not take all this shit with them or at the very lease destroy it so these guys don’t look like US soldiers

  4. hey where's the chocolate says:

    After all of this, I’ll still have to pay a $200 tax on ATF NFA items while these guys got them for free. Love how things are going.

    • Bill Billson says:

      @Liam Porter — coming from someone who voted for a president that just executed the worst withdrawal in US history, i don’t think your point matters much.
      I’ve had family bbq’s whether more logistical planning than went into that withdrawal. What a disaster.

    • Liam Porter says:

      @Bill Billson idk about that actually he’s being praised for how fast we got out by many ik stupid conservatives wanna pretend to care about people in Afghanistan

    • Jon says:

      @Bill Billson and Trump gave ISIS 2300+ humvees, 25 bmps, 12 MRAPs, 17 M1117s, 52 M113 APCs, and approximately 80 tanks of various types, as well as about a dozen migs and two dozen self propelled artillery.

      All were supplied to the Iraqi Army that abandoned them to be captured by ISIS. So what’s your point? Should we have left the ANA with nothing?

    • Jon says:

      @Lauren L if you believe 200 pieces of old Russian junk we bought for pennies cost $80billion I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you.

    • John Hernandez says:

      @Bill Billson the only thing I will say about your comment is I think it was 4 c-130’s. Other than that, your comment is on point sir.

  5. mark007 t says:

    “Soldiers are dying, politicians are enjoying.”

  6. TheConversation says:

    The real life version of a new rust player spawning in just as a bear kills a fully kitted player in front of them.

  7. Yeticus Rex says:

    “If you don’t have an assault rifle in your hands, and night vision goggles on your helmet, then you ain’t Taliban.”
    – Xho Xiden

  8. Brian Mc says:

    Isn’t it nice everything left intact, how incompetent is this administration and military leadership,

    • Dark Matter says:

      Yeah, who knew George W bush would start a war that would last 2 decades, and then take in incompetent Afghanistan military members to “defend” the future of their country. Just to lose it in a few hours 2 decades later. Not a single shot fired by Afghanistan’s military. Trillions wasted, American life’s ended, for nothing.

      Once again, republicans repeat the same mistakes they made during the Soviet war. Arming Afghanistan, just to fight them in the future. Like I once said “we had no business being there in the first place”.

    • Filthywings says:

      What makes you think that just because they’re intact, that they’re airworthy?

    • Agent Noobz says:

      They have been dismantled the software and the wiring destroyed.Pentagon said they(Planes,Helis,Humvees) will never fly again

    • Brian Mc says:

      @Agent Noobz can only hope, but don’t have faith

    • Agent Noobz says:

      @Brian Mc yep,Past 2weeks government is just in damage control with lies galore,I could expect the Taliban being able to fix it don’t know they have engineers graduating and joining in the taliban,I could even expect China or Pakistani engineers covertly coming and fixing the planes

  9. Trelleborg says:

    M-4 looks in good condition, glad to see things going to plan.

  10. { Broken } says:

    “Careful there’s a stretcher”

    The most deadly weapon left behind

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