Keke Palmer Gets Soulful with “Ungorgeous” | Soul Train Awards ’23

Keke Palmer Gets Soulful with “Ungorgeous” | Soul Train Awards ’23

Keke Palmer, also the host of the Soul Train Awards, brings all the emotions on stage to perform “Ungorgeous” at the Soul Train Awards ’23. #SoulTrainAwards #SoulTrainAwards23


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27 Responses

  1. 🩷NaturallyPaige_🩷 says:

    Keke was a fabulous host!

  2. Hush Creates... says:

    Miss Keke ATE IT UP!!!!! She has always been such a classy young lady and I have nothing but respect for how she’s handling herself and personal situation right now! Many many blessings!!!!

  3. A STEED says:

    Her voice has matured beautifully. I love how she found strength thru the pain. Love you KeKe 💕

  4. ChaptersofTNC says:

    Round of applause!! So proud!!🎶👑👏🏾

  5. S .McNeal says:

    She is talented

  6. Everything FLO says:

    THIS SONG IS SO POWERFUL AND GORGEOUS. Give Keke her flowers already cuz she can truly do it ALL.

  7. sza’ss0n says:

    I BEEN LOVING KEKE SINCE I WAS 8 years old! She been acting, singing and dancing all her life! I hope this shows yall her artistry is SOMETHING ELSE!!! Love you keke

  8. Shavone says:

    She is definitely dedicated to her craft! Her vocals has evolved ❤

  9. Reaction Odyssey says:

    This song so amazing, keke is a underrated singer. The lyrics, the vocals, and the look. She is so beautiful

    • Plain Jane says:

      I wouldn’t say she’s underrated, she can sing, and this performance was good, but her recent album has too much auto tone. I wish she sounded like this on her songs, because she has a nice voice.

    • Reaction Odyssey says:

      @Plain JaneI agree, she sounds beautiful with just her natural voice with no auto tune. I would like to see her collab with coco jones, summer walker, and ari lennox

    • Kenneth Drake says:

      Damn Keke had to let you know I’m that girl! She is the talented cousin you go see and she ends up getting you into her Oscar’s party! We love you Queen!

    • Gxdotco says:

      all she needs is the right songs

    • D Jackson says:

      ❤❤❤ love this song ❤❤❤

  10. Dian Storm says:

    That was absolutely amazing. The stage presence, the vocals, the confidence 🥹🥹🥹 I’m so proud of her

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