Jim Cornette on CM Punk Returning To WWE At Survivor Series 2023

Jim Cornette on CM Punk Returning To WWE At Survivor Series 2023

From Episode 510 of the Jim Cornette Experience

Artwork by Travis Heckel!

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44 Responses

  1. X says:

    Who wouldve thought that it would be Tony Khan to repair the relationship with Punk & WWE. Amazing

    • Brian O'Halloran says:

      Triple H doesn’t have to do a damn thing does he? Tony Khan just hands him everything on a platter. Just MJF now and that’ll be that. On the plus side, Tony will be able to devote more time to GM Mode in EWR, and The Ballet Club will be back trampolining in a backyard fed near you in no time. So, every cloud and all that…

    • Saúl Aguilar says:

      What’s crazy is tony is one of the biggest mark so imagine childhood tony seeing punk back in wwe. Then he realized he had it but kept colt cabana and the elite instead💀

    • Exidy YT says:

      Punk will wreck it again in no time. Bleedat.

    • pont Flair says:

      ​@Exidy YTLOL 🫵🏽🤣

    • Fábio Ribeiro says:

      @Exidy YTit looks like these people didn’t saw how bad he wrestled in AEW. 🤷‍♂️

  2. Ivan Khudoy says:

    Happy to see Triple H was not “afraid for his life”, didn’t hold old grudges, and now is ready to do big business. Pro wrestling needs more promoters with this kind of mindset.

    • sjdrifter72 says:

      I’ve always hated Triple H and the ‘manner’ he used to get to the top, but I gotta give him props for not being afraid to do what’s best for business.

    • Nico Toscani says:

      if tony khan was afraid for his life of some guy that gets beat by beginners in UFC, then how weak is tony?

    • TjM1978 says:

      @sjdrifter72 Never understood this. The point of being a pro wrestler is to make the most money you can. You should be selfish

    • Miketheratguy Multimedia says:

      I was never much of a Triple H fan but man, time and time again this guy has proven that – unlike Vince – he really does care about wrestling.

  3. Seventy Seven says:

    CM Punk went from never wanting to wrestle again to signing with AEW, hoping to work with some new talent and have some good matches to retire with to now possibly headlining the biggest wrestling show of the year 😂. What a roller coaster of a story this past 10 years has been.

    • mrpelon209 says:

      you forgot his UFC career haha

    • Mudshow Mark says:

      It’s genuinely funny that you lot think Punk will be anywhere near the top of the card let alone headlineing WM.

    • Jay Barbieri says:

      @Mudshow MarkPunk and Rollins are 100% main eventing the first night of Wrestlemania. Guarantee it lol

    • Jason Jackson says:

      ​​​@Mudshow MarkYou might want to rub your eyes and realize that in WWE canon, their longest-reigning world champion besides Reigns since Hogan just returned.

      It’s hilarious that you think HHH hasn’t figured out that Punk has been out of WWE nearly 10 years and people never stop talking about him.

      (EDIT: But yeah, he totally brought him in to feud with R-Truth…)

    • Nico Toscani says:

      its not phil.. it’s his brother grant brooks

  4. Kevin Geraghty says:

    Punk got me to watch AEW and now he is bringing me back to watching WWE.

  5. Acirem says:

    That Young Bucks victory lap is certainly coming back to haunt them

  6. Eastside Reviews says:

    The way Triple H and Big Nick Khan keep this so damn close to the chest and the way they were able to work everyone, including the boys and especially the wrestling media. You love to see it!
    I’m not even a massive Punk fan, but this makes so much sense and makes everything so much more interesting heading into Mania season.

  7. Lunar Hero says:

    Tony dropped the ball on Cody AND Punk. even Dixie managed to keep Kurt Angle for a decade. the man is a generational fumbler.

  8. Papa Shango says:

    The Universe works in funny ways.

    AEW was born to get Punk back home.

  9. lovelywaz says:

    I actually thank Punk for exposing AEW’s management and specially the backstage politics of EVPs who pretend to “save” the wrestling but instead are pulling one of the biggest scam in the history of wrestling business. 😂😂

    • Bryndan Reid says:

      You word that perfect! Yes punk might didn’t get along but dang it was obvious it was him vs everyone there. He didn’t get I ride when he made it to another country. Jungle boy chose to mock him when he was trying to protect him. And we point 1 finger? Nah aew and aew fans. Y’all sound like a bunch of babies that’s never been punch in their own face before! “Punk bad” bc he proved he was working with lame guys and unprofessional. The fact that most people would had reacted like punk in their everyday job if their company didn’t give them a ride or a guy call them out in front of millions of people. I’m sure Austin theory was listening to every word cena told him. But jungle boy can’t listen to a vet?

  10. GenGamesUniverse says:

    Whether you like it or not, Triple H brought back MANY wrestlers that we all NEVER thought would be back – Randy Savage’s hall of fame induction via his brother Lanny, Bruno Sammartino in the hall of fame, Ultimate Warrior in the hall of fame, Bret Hart in the hall of fame, CM Punk to name a few.

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