Kim Kardashian | Angie Martinez IRL Podcast

Kim Kardashian | Angie Martinez IRL Podcast

This week on Angie Martinez IRL Podcast, Angie is coming to you live from one of the most zen places on earth… Kim Kardashian’s office. Kim has a “big life” full of tons of opinions but has somehow mastered remaining calm mentally and emotionally despite it all. She admits she doesn’t look at comments, is open to self-correction, and believes in the room for redemption but reveals that the robbery in Paris is what really shifted her values in a major way.

Everyone is going through something in real life, Kim Kardashian included. In this episode, Kim shares how the memories of her own father help her keep it together for her kids and continue to be what leads her in her very complex co-parenting journey.

Despite all that’s happening around her, she makes time where there is often none, is dedicated to helping others, and admits to truly feeling at peace. Kim Kardashian is free, having fun, and enjoying dating, even if it means various forms of dating in the house.

This is an episode you won’t want to miss.


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49 Responses

  1. Arianne Kelly says:

    For everybody just saying that Angie is “so lucky” to get a Kim interview or “if Angie can get Kim, she can get (blank)” – ANGIE MARTINEZ IS A WHOLE LIVING LEGEND!! She is literally like the Oprah of radio and interviews. She’s been doing this since the nineties and even has on her interviews with Tupac at the height of his career. So please let’s not downplay Angie’s excellence. She was an icon before we even knew who Kim Kardashian was. No disrespect to Kim.

  2. Cassius says:

    This is what we wanna see on Hulu instead they pretend life is nothing but rainbows & butterflies while endorsing their products. Angie definitely brought out her realness & vulnerability. Thank you

    • Stacy Belcher says:

      Then don’t support her or family if you don’t like them. At the end of the day she is human just like you and I except she has a lot zeros in her bank account. Society is so critical and mean as is and she obviously doing something right, look at her success. In the words of my grandmother sweep around your own front porch b/f you start sweeping at someone else.

    • Jane says:

      Facts! Their show is so boring. Want to be private so bad😒 I miss the old KUWTK so real and raw

    • Modena says:

      @anairaquel just like your opinion, others opinion are just as valid. If you put your shit out there to be consumed, expect to be critiqued on said shit lol. ✌️

    • Raven says:

      @anairaquel girl, are you on payroll? Lil obsessed self

    • Just Jane says:

      True that

  3. Anouk says:

    I love that her Kids made her more human. More like everyone else. She doesn’t always have to be icon kim k. She can also just be kimberly.


    Shows how solid her friends are that she puts in the group chat all her receipts and they don’t get leaked. Hitting the jackpot on friends and family is the greatest jackpot.

    • San Bruno says:


    • Ashley R says:

      Oh please!! It’s called a NDA, she has a bunch of enablers who never feel impelled to tell her the truth

    • Hayat says:

      It’s called an NDA 😂

    • Teresa Fontaine says:

      @Lithio0oma she has a bunch of people telling her how great she is all day. Why? Because She pays them. Don’t fall for it.

    • Teresa Fontaine says:

      @Wat Eva yeah my friend was at the mgm hotel in Vegas in VIP watching Khloe k make out with this guy while Married to Lamar. She recorded it and security stole her phone and Khloe put them on her to kick her out. They are no angels.

  5. Breeny Lee says:

    Kim looks so sad/dead in the eyes – praying for her, she’s had a rough year.
    Hopefully she can begin to open up and be more authentic, I’d love to see more of that side to her rather than just the poker face, PR robotic answers.
    It’s okay to be sad Kimmy 🤍

    Edit: I commented my initial thoughts watching only a few minutes of the interview. But having watched all of it now I can definitely see a lot of emotionally unavailability masquerading as strength or “calmness” as she put it.
    Not reacting to things is not strength at all, shutting down or ignoring your true feelings is a trauma response and I know because I’ve lived like that for a long time. It’s also alarming that she does not have a personal therapist, I don’t even think that’s a flex because she seems to be the “strong one” in her family/friends dynamic so who does the strong one go to when they are weak? ☹️ I just hope she’s knows that it’s okay to be human and not know what the right thing is to do, I also wish she would stop protecting Ye, for the sake of the “kids” because they are gonna grow up and see all the bad things their father said about their mother but they aren’t going to see anything about their mother defending herself or the ones she loves. You can definitely address the things he said without stooping to his level. I just think this family always protect the men their men and I think they learned this from Kris protecting Bruce and Robert.

    I don’t dislike Kim I just can’t connect with her because the transparency/realness factor is lacking but hey that’s just my two pence.

    With love,
    From a Social Commentator

  6. Shad tha God says:

    I like how Kim takes the high road and doesn’t stoo low & thinks about the kids

    • K H says:

      @Teresa Fontaine “fucking Kanye over and leaving him in this state”? What? Kanye has been in a bad state for a long time, even before they were together. He is mentally unwell in a scary way. Not a way you should stick with. A grandiose narcissist serial cheater with dangerous views. There is honestly nothing she can do for him, and she has to think about the kids.. He’s too mentally unwell. Hindsight is 20/20. Having kids with someone like this wasn’t a good decision, and she’ll have to deal with that forever. But they’re here, and she is doing what she can with the situation. Women aren’t therapists and rehab centers for crazy men. He was never going to get better there. Only he can do that, and he has too many people around to enable him. As for Balenciaga, yeah. She, and literally everyone, needs to cut them off.

    • Michayla VR says:

      @Teresa Fontaine I hear what you are saying but I wanted to give a different perspective. In Kanye’s Netflix documentary he alluded to having a pill problem at some point in the dissolution of their marriage. I am an addict in recovery and I can completely understand why she would leave him. When you’re on drugs or mentally unwell and you’re not willing to get help, it is not the responsibility of your partner to fix you. They can’t; its work you have to do on yourself, for yourself. If he is unwilling or not ready to help himself, she has to do what she can to shield her children from that. It’s clear he’s going through something and I do have sympathy for him in that regard. But I don’t think it’s fair to blame her for his current troubles. The people he is surrounding himself with are not good for him and I hope one day he will recognize that and get help.

      I am not defending the other problematic things she has done. She should be held accountable just like everyone else. But when it comes to Kanye I can empathize with her decision to divorce him and set boundaries.

    • Yuh yuh says:

      @Teresa Fontaine she didn’t fuck over Kanye. He fucked himself over. She’s not responsible for the actions of a man.

    • Teresa Fontaine says:
      Here’s the truth about the scandal

  7. Carrie Buster says:

    I really enjoyed this interview. Peace looks stunning on Kim❤

  8. JuaTina Temple says:

    Kim is very measured and thoughtful in her responses❤

  9. Atton says:

    My heart shattered when Kim started speaking about her dad.

  10. AveCouture says:

    Angie is such a great conversationalist.

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