Kim Kardashian & Hailey Bieber play Truth or Shot & make ice cream sundaes | WHO’S IN MY BATHROOM?

Kim Kardashian & Hailey Bieber play Truth or Shot & make ice cream sundaes | WHO’S IN MY BATHROOM?

We’re back with another amazing episode of Who’s in my Bathroom? with special guest Kim Kardashian! Click to watch us make some delicious ice cream sundaes and play an epic (& spicy!) game of Truth or Shot!

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Filming Date: August 2022


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37 Responses

  1. Val. says:

    I love how motherly Kim talks to Hailey, especially about the public eye and how people perceive her. It’s very honest and raw. Love it.

  2. D A says:

    It’s so good to see Hailey doing well after all that online bullying. I was seriously worried for her but she seems to be handling it like a freaking champ and having friends like Kim is lifesaving

    • Florence Mbah says:

      She said she has had the hardest moment of her life this year, I think it’s the people around her that keeps her sane.

    • why not says:

      I wouldnt be able to survive it
      Yeah she might f up idk but the backlash was disgusting and insanly brutal.the WHOLEEEEE world was and still is againts her

    • yvies ⭑ says:

      this video was filmed 1 year ago

    • Florence Mbah says:

      @why not the worst part was that she wasn’t bodyshaming anyone, it was literally was a trend she joined for fun

  3. Dumb jiji 🦋 says:

    We need Justin+hailey duo🦋

  4. daniela migliore says:

    They are both so down to earth. I am happy Hailey has Kim and her family in her life. True friends that truly care.

  5. mylifeisjbiebs says:

    I love how Hailey always makes her guests comfortable before coming into the bathroom. Hailey is just an angel from heaven! 🥺

  6. Rosa Celia says:

    This episode was so peaceful I think because of Kim and I definitely love it

  7. Savagebeast8 says:

    Kim is so laidback and chill such a libra vibe we have similar things in common. Also Hailey is so sweet idc what anyone says

  8. Jolimar Olson says:

    I love how Hailey is so natural and casual and Kim is all glam and putting together 😂 you are doing amazing Hail love it

  9. Lorena Martinez says:

    Love watching Hailey interact with all her guests. She makes the atmosphere soo brilliant. Love Hailey!!!

  10. Nora Brown says:

    I wish this was longer! Kim and Hailey are a good duo

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