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34 Responses

  1. Hhfgg Vogt the hy says:

    It should be illegal to miss this man’s videos.

  2. Predat0r3 says:

    Thorfinn’s character development is so well done. He completely does a 180 between seasons 1 and 2 but its justified and written incredibly

  3. Aidan S says:

    This show is a damn masterpiece. From cold blooded killer to a broker of peace. I’m so proud of Thorfinn.

  4. Puffs says:

    I never expected Thorfinn’s story to attract a fanbase like this. Truly amazing.

  5. Saru Mike says:

    Fun fact: you know thorkell he actually had a daughter name Cordelia and she became super ripped thanks to his genetics. And my favourite character is askeladd the dude is a pretty good man despite some of the shit he did still someone you can like at the end of the day and he’s a pretty good father figure but fucked up father figure to thorfinn and canute after he murdered their dads and adopted them

  6. Brave Water5 says:

    17:50 terrifying
    19:15 Carnage
    20:52 the terror continues
    21:31 betrayal
    22:59 to 23:03 SHORYUKEN

  7. Heisenberg says:

    CJ is the definition of quality over quantity, he has achieved so much in 3 years, respect

    • Aenrick Thundarian says:

      Brah, i watched since his earliest Black Air Force videos, fucking glorious, I always know the longer he takes the better its gonna be, indeed quality over quantity very much so.

    • SungodSteven says:

      ​@Aenrick Thundarianfacts.

    • Kalel Williams says:

      Bro your on EVERY SINGLE VIDEO I WATCH are you trying to start an Arg or something with that Morse code on your page

    • SungodSteven says:

      ​@Kalel Williamswho are you talking about? the guy who replied above me?

    • TotallyActive says:

      Yes he’s a great channel but I’ve seen this exact comment 20 times on every video by the same people. Can we please calm down and say something original?

  8. Doom Guy says:

    Season 2 has been dope, can’t believe some people dropped it because “the main character chooses peace”. They missed out on peak character development.

    • Aragami Nightmare says:

      It sounds like those people watched Vinland only for the fighting

    • tyler smothers says:

      The character development is cool, but the action in season one was top notch. Can’t say that I don’t miss it

    • Tavae Denton says:

      The people who think that obviously don’t understand the theme of peace that Vinland saga is try to communicate.

    • Bob Skywalker says:

      @tyler smothers there was plenty of action in the second season

    • tyler smothers says:

      @Bob Skywalker CJ just released a 27min video about all of the action that took place in season one. If he did a similar video for season 2 you would have some gardar stuff, thorfinn taking beatings(which I don’t really count) and then a massacre. Which if it was formatted the same way then it would only like a 5-8 minute video. If that was plenty for you, cool but it’s significantly less than season 1.

  9. GleamEyes says:

    The best part of them taking all that loot was Askeladd going, “Equal split, right? You get the glory and we get the spoils!😆”

  10. Anonymous XIII says:

    This man not only provides a character bio on the menace to society of Black Air Force energy, he also makes it look like an Abridged one shot. Also since the video of Kid Buu and Goku Black got the pass for the video we might hopefully see a Don Flamingo video later on in the future.

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