Klombo Saved Me From Bully五 #shorts

Klombo Saved Me From Bully五 #shorts

Klombo Saved Me From Toxic Bully Short

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41 Responses

  1. VMant says:

    Let’s see how many of us love Klombo

  2. Biskit the dog says:

    “this guys tries to kill me he so toxic” killing is the point of the game

  3. Alex Cortez says:

    Enemy : emotes take the L and laugh

    Y/N : emotes crying and someone saves them

    This is dumb, there aint many people that do emotes before killing because that gives you enough time to kill them

  4. the fyffes says:

    I showed this to my brother he loved it so much that he started dancing on the floor

  5. Kuldeep thyrell Ramos says:

    I like how the toxic player just shoot the klombo and didnt move thats why klombo got angry thats why he attacked the toxic player there was no saving

  6. Mythicaltys says:

    The fact that the toxic didnt just kill him straight away, like all Fortnite players should do, meaning staged

  7. risk says:

    Just want to say thank you for the great content

  8. The Quack says:

    So you mean to tell me, this dude was standing there, emoting for ages about to kill you with 30 health and no shield? And the Kolmbo just randomly killed him?

  9. inFAMOUS_FAN164 says:

    My respect for Thanos grows every day

  10. Winter says:

    The fact that the enemy emotes for 10 seconds without killing him is really realistic *Sarcasm*

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