Late race drama sends the Daytona 500 into NASCAR Overtime | Extended Highlights

Late race drama sends the Daytona 500 into NASCAR Overtime | Extended Highlights

Don’t miss the biggest moments from the 2023 Daytona 500 in this week’s Extended Highlights. #nascar #daytona500

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00:00:00 – Green flag for the 65th Daytona 500
00:01:06 – Green Flag Pit Stops Start in Stage 1
00:01:27 – Recap Riley Herbst spins and hits Kyle Busch
00:02:10 – Bubba Wallace gets turned into the wall by Martin Truex Jr.
00:02:49 – Brad Keselowski wins Stage 1
00:04:28 – Start of Stage 2
00:05:25 – Kevin Harvick turns Tyler Reddick in Stage 2
00:06:04 – Late Restart Stage 2
00:06:28 – Ross Chastain wins Stage 2
00:06:57 – Stage 3 Restart
00:07:26 – The first ‘Big One’
00:08:25 – Late Restart- 13 laps to go
00:09:19 – Kyle Busch gets doored by Harrison Burton
00:09:41 – Kyle busch takes the lead
00:10:17 – Suarez Wreck brings out a late caution
00:10:37 – Late restart- Austin Dillon and William Byron wreck
00:11:28 – Final restart through the finish

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34 Responses

  1. Minted Cow says:

    Fox’s coverage of the 500 was absolutely atrocious this year. Only 2 driver interviews after the race, only a couple replays of the last lap wreck, way too many commercials in the beginning, camera kept going away from the actual action, and no post race results.

    • 時間への造反設ける 日本語大学 "Glitched-Censored" says:

      I reported this channel. Reason: It’s a terrorist organization blocking visibility of 1,564 files of the Minna no Nihongo Japanese textbook files available for all phones and computers, which then proceeds to host fake Japanese lessons and applications where they don’t actually expect the users to learn the Japanese language through Google’s systems, as opposed to just using an actual Japanese textbook, proceeds to establish in-application-purchases.

    • Bryan Young says:

      Results were on the bottom crawl. But I agree that the coverage sucked.

    • Farmer Cameron Canada says:


    • Greg De St Jean says:

      The race ran long. They could not fit the interviews in, as they cut to scheduled programing right after the race. Not what I wanted to see either, but just the way it works out sometimes. Just as we were screaming for added coverage, the people waiting to see the event that was supposed to be on after the race were probably pissed off when they turned on FOX and saw the race instead of what they wanted. It kinda goes both ways. Hell,,,, I remember back in the day when ESPN would switch over to another channel if the race ran long. Too any times we were all sent scrambling for the remote with 20 laps to go, and hoping that channel was included in our package.

    • Farmer Cameron Canada says:

      Maybe I just stopped watching before they interviewed him but they interviewed Ricky and then Logano then commercials

  2. Andrew Weinmann says:

    No race should end when a button is pushed.. who wants that!? Should always end at the start/finish line.

  3. IceDagger0 says:

    I have toy say one of the most annoying things is when a last lap caution happens and they just call the race. I don’t see why they don’t just let them finish it out

    • harvickfan100 says:

      @ACougarSwagnum oh my lord!! Get a life!! Your stupid, asinine, ignorant swirly twirly comment on every comment is ridiculous! F1 and IndyCar is not where it’s at!! NASCAR, born and bred in the USA! Deal with it. Stop watching so we don’t have to see your dumbass comments!!

    • Just A Waddle Dee With Internet Access says:

      @edward ikr, road courses are overrated

    • edward says:

      @midblossomfilms ovals>>>>>>>road courses

    • Thomas says:

      These cars don’t stop on a dime. They wouldn’t have enough time to slow down to a safe speed after taking the checkered if the wreck is in turn one.

  4. Tomas Ray says:

    Those pushes toward the end were insane, crazy how fast positions change.

  5. Anthony._.87 says:

    Let’s not forget Travis Pastrana went from 37th and finished 11th. Not bad for his first race. Excited to see what he brings to the table.

  6. Jduke93 says:

    Man look at that crowd!! Brings me back to when nascar was at its peak in the 2000s

    • Brad Lane says:

      @Koalaz Once again, the FIRST race of the year. The 500. Everybody with cabin fever. You people will NOT talk this pathetic, woke, liberal organization back into it’s glory days. Watch the crowds, or missing crowds, during most of the other races. I remember three year waiting lists at Bristol. Now nobody wants them for free.

    • Retired Caracer says:

      @Gain on Ten Yep, I call Daytona and Talladega Soap Box Derby races. When Mark Martin was near the end of his career and there was a big wreck fest he came real close to saying the restrictor plate races suck. As did Tony Stewart once. But you could tell they both backed off for fear of NASCAS officials.

    • Just A Waddle Dee With Internet Access says:

      @ACEofSPADES5597 you don’t know what does fused means

    • LT1HILLINGHOE says:

      @Jduke93 lol 😂😆

  7. FireBall Hamlin says:

    What a crazy finish. Did not expect Stenhouse to come out on top. Definitely a surprise.

  8. Juston Sullivan says:

    They look like a bunch of rookies out there. I miss the ole days. 🏁🇺🇲🗽🇺🇲🏁

    • Juston Sullivan says:

      @Bill Gabrielson Jr it’s not fun watching a bunch of spoiled ass little bitches. But I’m guessing that’s what your little bitch ass is. If u like this racing then enough said.

    • Bill Gabrielson Jr says:

      @ Juston Sullivan

      Oh yes, the old days, when 5 cars maybe finished on the lead lap.

  9. JustLucky825 says:

    4:43 “…some gamesmanshit, if you will.”🤣🤣 Well said, Clint.🤣

  10. QF Dan says:

    Really hope Larson is alright, that was a nasty impact

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