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The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 3, 111-101. Anthony Davis led the Lakers with 31 points and 17 rebounds as LeBron James added 25 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists. Ja Morant led the Grizzlies by scoring 24 of his 45 overall points in the 4th quarter, including a run of 22 straight points, along with 13 assists and 9 rebounds. The Lakers lead this best-of-seven series, 2-1, with Game 4 taking place on Monday, April 24 (10:00 p.m., ET, TNT).

Ja Morant joins LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Tracy McGrady as the only players in the last 25 years to score 20+ straight points for their teams in a playoff game.
Ja Morant – 22 straight points, MEM at LAL, 04/22/23
Kobe Bryant – 23 straight points, LAL at BOS, 06/13/10
LeBron James, 25 straight points, CLE at DET, 05/31/07
Tracy McGrady, 20 straight points, ORL at MIL, 04/25/01

Ja Morant’s 24 points in the 4th quarter sets a new Grizzlies franchise Playoff record for points in any quarter, previously held by Morant with 18.

With his third career Playoff game of 45 points tonight, Ja Morant is now tied with LeBron James with the most 45+ point Playoff games before the age of 24.

Anthony Davis is the fourth player since 1973, when blocks were first recorded, to record 65+ points, 35+ rebounds, and 15 or more blocks over their first three Playoff games, joining:
Tim Duncan (April 20-27, 2002)
Hakeem Olajuwon (April 29 to May 3, 1993)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (2x – April 10-15, 1979, April 20-24, 1977)

Ja Morant (23y 256d) is the 3rd youngest player in NBA History to record 45 points and 10 assists in a game, trailing Luka Doncic (22y 98d) and Trae Young (22y 277d).

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36 Responses

  1. Andre Faelnar says:

    I like how the Lakers utilize Rui Hachimura and having him involved in the offense unlike his time in Washington. Glad he is getting some playing time as well.

    • TerryoYT says:

      @Yaboiyikes bro has 1 thousand comments 😂😂

    • Shmin says:

      @Yaboiyikes When a 2 year olds basketball team loses to the lakers, like bro wtf is this? Are you actually 12, the way you present yourself is like you wanna be the smartest guy In the room but I think genuine children would cringe at this comment. And I’m not even a Lakers fan 😂

    • Freddy Martinez says:

      @Jayden Mai 😂😂😂

    • Freddy Martinez says:

      @Yaboiyikes damn, someone is feeling a certain way! To bad the Lakers will win the series!! 😂

    • Jose Meneses Montano says:

      It’s cuz our coach has the iq of a cricket and he o Lu got the job because of his last name

  2. sennsir_ says:

    ABOUT TIME that they started off & kept the aggression throughout the WHOLE GAME! 💪🏾😤

  3. Randy Ragsdale says:

    I love the way the Lakers locked down the Grizzlies on defense in that 1st QT.

  4. wikedwun says:

    The energy in that 1Q was crazy. Laker fans been waiting along time for this home playoff game

  5. Sam M says:

    What a Monster W for the Lakers. That 1st quarter was wild. Props to
    LeBron for playing through with balls of steel, lol😅

  6. Tony says:

    20 Years In The Making – I hope everyone is enjoying the show ❤

  7. JJ Castillo says:

    Lakers bounce back from last game to get this win! They play so good in the first quarter and despite some close runs, they hold on and get the win. Props to Ja for 22 points in the fourth quarter. On to Game 4!!

  8. Mark Anthony Benedito says:

    Brooks poked the bear in the balls and got what he deserves. Let’s go Lakeshow! Let’s put this series in the bag! 💛💜

  9. Toby KBTY says:

    Makes me smile to see the Lakers play good. From damn slow season start to good playoff games let’s go

    • Landon Bond says:

      @Vulcan Raven yes bc we got swept first round n didn’t make play offs w those 2 as well , 2 superstars don’t matter if the role players don’t do shii , now we traded for amazing role players and look , best record itl since then trades , ain’t a coincidence 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Vulcan Raven says:

      They have two top 10 superstars. Is it really surprising?

    • Jeseryll Branzuela says:

      If this lineup starts the season there was no playin tournament for the Lakers,the’re maybe top 3 in the west.

    • Toby KBTY says:

      @ctrlaltcreate i know right lmao my best bro is the biggest Lakers fan so every play and point they make is like they won the championship. But it’s all good, makes the game feel good and fun to watch. Really enjoying this so far

  10. Jaivarsan B says:

    2:49 Lakers coming together to defend/block 3 times was just too good.

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