Lead Actress in a Drama Series: 74th Emmy Awards

Lead Actress in a Drama Series: 74th Emmy Awards

Zendaya accepts the Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Euphoria at the 74th Emmy Awards.

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41 Responses

  1. Munchies says:

    Zendaya won her second emmy was the happiest thing today. She really did a great job on being Rue, consuming a big depression for portraiting this role. Especially that scene with Jules, haunted in our hearts for sure….

  2. Owen Tucker says:

    From someone who’s been watching her since the Disney days, this just makes me so happy! She’s like Big sis to a lot of us. So well deserved!! Go Zendaya!!

  3. Ruby says:

    Despite wanting Jodie or Sandra to win , Zendaya‘s Emmy was so well deserved. She‘s such an incredible actress

    • Danny says:

      @Ryan M that’s just your opinion though. Not everyone’s.

    • Ryan M says:

      The person that should’ve won was Laura Linney. Zendaya only won due to popularity let’s be real. If there is a separate acting category for Euphoria season 2 alone, then the person who deserves to win should be Sydney Sweeney. She had the best & most memorable performance out of the cast in season 2, not Zendaya.

    • MDM says:

      @Cody Seelye No she wasn’t their last year as well, I think only year she was there she won 😅 She’s currently filming The end we start from, her first look from the movie came out few days ago and yesterday there was news some french nut threaten to kill her, who was also stalking her during her shows for Prima Facie.

    • Cody Seelye says:

      Real question did Jodie even show up to the Emmy’s?

  4. Eric López says:

    Her scene with her mom fighting was everything. She fully deserved it

    • mwahhh a says:

      absolutely not laura linney deserved it more

    • Hailey W says:

      Zendaya’s performance was amazing but i really wanted to win laura linney. Anybody who watched Ozark would know laura deserved this. At least she should get one for finale.

    • Priya C says:

      @H H yes obviously it’s gross BUT ALSO THE REALEST SHIT ever, everyone can do a lill running and stunt work and yawn and do a thief job but when bodily fluids get involved it becomes the real deal. Ask Viola Davis

    • H H says:

      @Tom wtf are you even talking about? A kid that gets addicted to drugs and because his parents happen to have money you think what…?

  5. zenxymes says:

    Although the second season was a bit weaker in terms of the story, in my opinion, Zendaya totally earned her 2nd emmy. Her performance was sublime. I get chills thinking about it!

  6. UltimateSwordsmen says:

    I love anytime Sandra is nominated in a category, she shows so much appreciation for the winner even if she doesn’t win

  7. PreciousPattyXO says:

    I was a Rue. I saw the second season a year into my sobriety and it really helped put into perspective the damage I did to everyone around me. Just sobbed so hard but I really needed to see it. Thank you ❤️

  8. The Library of Laughter says:

    Zendaya is a class act. She is beautiful inside and out, and she inspires so many people to fight to be the best version of themselves they can be. This is a very well deserved win. Congratulations to her for making history! ❤👏

  9. Zachary Vargas says:

    She earned it. Her relaspe episode and the one after it showcased her acting. Some of it was a one woman show and she carried that energy.

  10. Karabo Khanyile says:

    COVID really robbed her from having this type of experience whilst simultaneously giving her the most intimate and emotional one with her family,I’m glad she experienced the best of both worlds❤

    Rue is my favorite character of all time,because for the first time I had empathy towards drug addicts and applied that in real life with the people I grew up with who also have the disease of addiction.

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