Doctor Who Returns 2023… | Doctor Who

Doctor Who Returns 2023… | Doctor Who

Doctor Who returns 2023. Read more here ➡️ #DoctorWho
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37 Responses

  1. RTGame says:

    Genuinely so excited for Doctor Who for the first time in years. Jodie was robbed from the role by bad writing – really hoping the return of Russel T Davies is a return to form for the series

    That’s not even to mention the legend that is Tennant back in the role

    • Highhuligons says:

      Ncuti has been labelled as the 15th doctor. I saw someone say that RTD said he was the 15th doctor

    • Dominic Pizzey says:

      Erm… Jodie had to have an ability to act in the first place, never mind a decent script…

      RTD and Tennant are the Lords and Saviours of this show

    • Phantom Sidious says:

      @Mike Oxmall nothing to do with her being a women, and her stories were not mostly great, the writing has been crap and they picked the wrong actress for the role. I haven’t seen any major backlash towards the new doctor at all, think he’s been accepted pretty well so far

    • Phantom Sidious says:

      @jesuisunegrandepersonne yeah, they really didn’t get the right actress for the role, the writing can’t be blamed completely, it also comes down to casting, she was a big mis-cast

  2. ChippyGaming says:

    Can’t wait to see David return!!

    also, great to already see Ncuti

  3. Vailskibum says:

    The best doctor is coming back, I’m watching this show again LET’S GOOOOOOOOO

  4. ruby says:

    The fact that these few seconds are reigniting the inner child in millions of people says so much about this show, David and Cathrine. Can’t wait to see them and Ncuti!!

    • Youn yuo says:

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      Hanga talaga ako sa sipag
      at tiyaga nga dalawang
      binibining ito!

  5. Faho says:

    I started this series with David Tennant when I was 13. He was my first doctor. I’m 23 now, 10 years later. I don’t know what to say, my favorite doctor, the one I cried with, the one I loved with, the one I was sad with, is back. My eyes are full of happiness. Thank you for making us happy. I think those of my generation who started the series when David Tennant was a doctor, whose first doctor was David Tennant, will understand me. Seriously, I don’t know how to express my feelings, this is excellent news.

    • AngelusMortis13 says:

      I grew up on the classic series since my uncle was a huge fan and he had a lot of the episodes recorded on VHS. Tom Baker was the first Doctor I remember seeing as he was my uncle’s favorite. Flash forward to now and at 37 years of age I’m still a fan. Granted, I’m not the biggest fan of modern Who but there have been a lot of great moments. The Power of The Doctor put a smile on my face so many times. Seeing some of the classic Doctors somewhat reunite with their respective companions, and even seeing Ian at the end, one of the first ever companions. I wish we could’ve gotten more but I’m so happy we got what we did. Hoping the 60th special tops it in some way.

    • Taranom Saberi says:

      I understand you!

    • Shaun K.S. says:

      I’m a little confused. 10 years ago Matt Smith was the doctor, which means you started the series in the middle of the new series and not when it was current. Why did you skip Eccleston and start in the middle?

    • Osh Lloyd says:

      Absolutely the same! I’m 23 and first started watching doctor who when David was the doctor. I can’t express how heartbroken I was when he had to regenerate and said “ I don’t wanna go” oh man that still fucks me up now😖

    • shokuwarrior says:

      I was 14 when I watched The Christmas Invasion in 2005… 31 now and can’t quite belive David Tennant is playing the Doctor again 😢

  6. ᎷᏆᎢᎻᎡᏆᎠᎪᎢᎬ says:

    You can immediately tell the staple of RTD’s style. The blacked out TARDIS doorway, the long shots, the pace of the action and so on

  7. Brendan Keane says:

    As we know Donna and the Doctor still share a psychic connection with each other through the meta-crises. My theory is at the exact moment 13 regenerated, Donna was attacked by NPH’s character (the toymaker or master whichever theory you believe etc…) which triggered the defence mechanism left by the 10th doctor that we saw in End of Time. This somehow causes 13 to regenerate back to 10 as Donna remembers the Doctor when attacked reestablishing their connection. That’s why this regeneration is different as this connection Donna has with the doctor possibly interfered with it. However her memory of him isn’t intact hence why his outfit is slighty different to before. Could be 100% wrong on this but either way looking forward for what RTD has in store.

    • Joel Stevenson says:

      My theory is that it isn’t exactly Donna. The Celestial Toymaker has the power in the classic serial to bring dolls and packs of cards to life. He may have gotten some voodoo doll of sorts of Donna and brought it to life for the Doctor to save as a game

    • AngelusMortis13 says:

      @TinnieTa21 I personally hope he isn’t The Master. We just had The Master and we’ve seen too much of him already as it is. There are so many other villains they could bring back that would make a good story. The Toymaker in particular would be great.

    • Joshua Tedham says:

      I like this, lol, and also if it does turn out like this, Donna has had more influence on the Doctor’s regeneration than anyone else we’ve seen properly (not counting the Timelords doing their shittiness with the Timeless Child or their forced Regens) and I just love that

    • Ситникова Татьяна says:

      Great theory! 👍

    • Lijiang says:

      Neil patrick Harris?

  8. Mia Khalifa says:

    Can’t wait to see David return!!

    also, great to already see Ncuti

  9. Luis CC says:

    I feel this is the comeback officially of doctor who. Great casting and great show runner. I would love it to go back to the 2000/2010. Some of them episodes are masterpieces.

  10. WildCraft says:

    The BEST of the BEST is coming back. Ratings are going to sky rocket

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