Lil Wayne: Louisiana Roots, Prison Time, Respect Over Money & Sharing His Untold Stories | The Pivot

Lil Wayne: Louisiana Roots, Prison Time, Respect Over Money & Sharing His Untold Stories | The Pivot





Today’s show is like sitting on the back porch in New Orleans just chopping it up with your uncles and reminiscing about the journey through the untold stories except we are in LA and it’s after midnight, but any chance to sit with Lil Wayne is one we make happen.

Reconnecting with his Louisiana roots, Ryan is excited to have Weezy join him, Fred and Channing to talk about life, lessons, losses and making music along the way.

Becoming one of music’s biggest icons over three decades, Lil Wayne says he’s never worked a day in his life because everything he’s done in music is for the love of it.
Storying his journey from starting at 7 yrs old to now, talking about the highs and lows of his career, sharing the untold stories, the ins and outs of life changing experiences, his time in prison, the night an off duty police officer saved his life and how he’s maintained and sustained success at the highest level in the industry all the while earning the praise and accolades from fans and his peers.

Never for the money and always for the respect, Lil Wayne Flashes back to childhood days of when he first started in music and reflecting back on how his mom and grandma supported him from day one not just to pursue music but more importantly to always be a good man and one he could be proud of.

This conversation is a side of Lil Wayne we don’t get to see very often as he let down his walls and opened up like never before.

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30 Responses

  1. Kp03 says:

    So proud of the growth from the guys. They truly do their research and are invested in every guest they interview

  2. Work4WhatYouWant says:

    These men got Wayne on the show. What a W.

    This podcast is high quality, the best of the best in the game. Salute

  3. Yejide Ife says:

    Wayne looks healthy and well. And it’s good to see.

  4. TheProblem32 says:

    Man I’ve never seen RC so excited for a episode ever! 😂 look like a kid in a candy store asking Wayne question he’s been waiting to ask for 20 years. Love it

    • The Juice Media says:

      I grew up with RC and his love for wayne, ths hot boys and new orleans music in general is crazy

  5. NoKapNas says:

    Their organic feel, the authentic guest, the conversations.. everything that you want in a podcast for sports/music they guys bring it 💯

  6. ezac says:

    Wow! This is by far the best Wayne interview of all time .
    Perfect energy, comfortability with wayne( not easy) and perfect questions.
    Great job fellas, you gained a fan

  7. Jl mu says:

    Wayne was the soundtrack to my life in 8th grade man. 07-09 was some special years. That grind i saw him have for the music. I told myself whatever career I get into if I don’t love it and do it 24/7 like Wayne treated music I won’t do it.Wayne inspired me most with his work ethic like non other. I just want to find my passion and work like that. He doesn’t have a retirement date because he loves it so much that’s the only thing I want for myself fuck the money

  8. Tay12Brady says:

    Man Wayne is the ultimate musician. This man needs to be recognized way more than he does. He made it cool to do alot of things, from ppl tatting their face, to black gangsta rappers wearing tight/slim fit clothing when it was frowned upon etc… won’t even touch on the influence he has in hip hop, i’d be typing for days. G.o.a.t.

  9. SJsRedemption says:

    Love this show, the safe space to talk and be open and transparent, and the sense of brotherhood and love. Keep this greatness goin fellas. It’s beyond appreciated 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  10. The Unbiased One says:

    Lil’ Wayne is a universal treasure. We’re blessed to be living while the greatest hip-hop artist ever is still doing his thing. LONG LIVE TUNE 🎵💯

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