Literally All of My Favorite Pokémon

Literally All of My Favorite Pokémon

I select basically all of my favorite Pokemon (you can do the same here:
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29 Responses

  1. Hellboy Graham says:

    Mikey: “Getting further away from the team sky trend”
    Also Mikey: “I want Sceptile to be like one of those flying lizards”
    Also also Mikey: “Zebstrika needs a pegasus evolution”

  2. Eke Reus says:

    Fun fact: the website allows you to make a pokemon shiny, so you could’ve included shiny hail-form Castform

  3. Gallifreyan Warrior says:

    Technically Missingno is qualified to be in Team Sky for its bird type. Plus it does learn a few flying type moves

  4. Dat Cartoonist Guy says:

    Glad we’re getting both Sceptile and Zebstrika back in Scarlet and Violet!

  5. UnionTheStoop says:

    You should do this again but with basing it on your favorite shinys instead. I think on the bottom of the site there’s a shiny setting that turns all Pokémon shiny and I would like to see u do it because i wanna hear your take on which ones u like better then others

  6. Lonelycatperson says:

    30 minutes of Michael talking about Pokémon. I will sit through them all. And again. And again. And again

  7. Queen Cerce says:

    I never played X and Y, but, compared to other regions, the anime had a rlly strong plot and most of the mon from kalos r sick

    • LuckyOwl777 says:

      the x and Y games were some of the most boring to play through, imo. in terms of the plot. Which is weird, cause it had really cool lore

  8. ⭕Gaming Giftcard Giveaway says:

    I filled this out a few weeks ago. I was surprised how many were on the lists not because they’re objectively a good pokemon, but just because they looked cool, or had a nostalgic love for various reasons. Like Galarian Wheezing is one of my favorites solely because I had one I named “I Say Sir!” that I kept on my team on the first run through the entire time. My ridiculous name for it made me giggle, and thus I love it. He was my sassy, snooty British pokemon.

  9. Unknowable says:

    I sort of want to see someone go through and figure out their favorite spinda with this. Find the ideal pattern

  10. Myrtneough says:

    It’s nice to see Raichu get some sort of love. Feels like a lot of people tend to just overlook it because it’s just the evolution of Pikachu.

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