Little Prince Gameplay Reveal! New Champion! (TV Royale)

Little Prince Gameplay Reveal! New Champion! (TV Royale)

Little Prince might be a spoiled brat but he is a versatile card not to be messed with. Attack ground and air Troops with his repeating crossbow and when you get into trouble, summon Guardian to protect him!

– Join the Battle in the new TAVERN FIGHT Arena!
– New Archers Evolution!
– Unlock epic Little Prince Emotes, Tower Skins and Battle Banners!

See you in the Arena!

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42 Responses

  1. French_y says:

    Honestly not a bad mini update better than just getting more season passes and the Little Prince looks somewhat balanced

  2. The College Gamer says:

    I really thought the champion was going to cost a little more elixir, I’m surprised

  3. ItsVlad says:

    Maybe we will see great changes with the new community manager! I hope she listens to the players

  4. Tonto says:

    This is definitely a good step for CR to take. Finally having a new card makes the game a bit more refreshing. I also wished they did mention some Quality of Life changes they said they’ve done instead of just making us guess what those changes exactly were.

  5. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    Seems interesting, i feel the knockback on guardian may be too strong, even knocking back pekkas which may lead for really overpowered high dps from prince… also the fact that he survives from fireball seems a bit scary, l cant wait to play and see how good he is on defence and offence

  6. Josiah Perea says:

    Finally! I was wondering what the gameplay would look like. Something that actually peaked my interest.

  7. Kingsbeak says:

    The game is actually improving now??? Props to the new community manager

  8. Block says:

    The little prince is like a air targeting mighty miner, it does more damage over time when still. However, it can quickly target other enemies but does lesser max dps to troops than the mighty miner and is less forgiving when trying to kill a tank since it must be completely still unlike other inferno troops eg. Mighty miner who can move whilst still ramping up damage

  9. Grimm Senpai says:

    I am honestly looking forward to this new update, the game seems to be heading into a better direction.

  10. Calvin h says:

    Very nice that everyone gets the champion pretty much Instantly

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