Elden Ring (dunkview)

Elden Ring (dunkview)

You think this game is crazy? Wait till you play Elden Wing.

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48 Responses

  1. OmniPie says:

    Dunkey is so real, he beats the game 4 times and loves it but will still point out to you the biggest flaws with the game in the most entertaining way. The GOAT of game reviews.

    • Md says:

      @Harus you’re nitpicking and biased. I win bye bye

    • ra al says:

      @Benno Lee because the game gives you options

    • Harus says:

      They can vary. His original Death Stranding review for example was shit.

    • ガニミド says:

      @Mauro Rama this is the best comment of a comment I’ve read. I love the way you paid attention to the comment and then made a perfect comment about what you though about it.

    • sfseaf sefsfs says:

      @AleeWiksa nah that will be bullshit and besides that fromsoft already addready the smithing stone issue by just increasing the drop rate of stone in some enemies,check out patch 1.03 for more info,if that increase drop rate is not enough for you then that’s your fault already for not exploring enough.

  2. Jorge Fernando says:

    Just like all masterpieces this game is flawed, and Dunkey is not scared to highlight all the negatives even when clearly loving it. A true critic.

    • Django Maxfield says:

      I guess I honestly thought the opposite when I was playing it. Like kind of way too easy????

    • Majere Narniis says:

      @CallMeTeci Also sometimes the copy paste in it feels cheap. Many many dungeon endboss room is just a copy paste, aswell the boss in it with minimal changes. Same goes to many many other bosses. Just a normal enemy but as a boss, just a previous boss but now there is 2 etc. Enviorment the same, no variety in towers, all the same with a little different interior, ruins are the same aswell.
      I liked the game, completed every achievement but I would still not say that it deserve thoses 100/100 scores.

    • Astraea says:

      @sfseaf sefsfs I would say my specification of where the games escalates in difficulty usually notes that I have at the least played up to that part, if not further. And the capital itself is a huge spike after Liurnia, with massive amount of high poise mobs that tear through your health in an instant.

    • Jack Housen says:

      @Ιωάννης Γιαννούλας Κοκκώνης how does it ripoff botw?

    • Ιωάννης Γιαννούλας Κοκκώνης says:

      @Jack Housen While ripping the BotW formula, yes. While having even less features I might add.

  3. Generic YouTube Account says:

    I heavily agree about the weapon upgrade system. The rarity of smithing stones really funnels you into sticking with only a few weapons until late in the game where you can actually buy them instead of having to just find them like the first 40 hours. I hate picking up a cool looking sword only to realise that my +8 Lordsworn’s Greatsword vastly overpowers it, and I can’t compare the two properly because throwing so many upgrade materials into an experiment isn’t worth it. Elden Ring is amazing. It’s literally a masterpiece. But it’s not perfect. Love your work Dunks. Hope you and your wife are having fun bro

    • Ryan says:

      @Nawid N. Something being a masterpiece doesn’t mean it’s perfect… it means it’s a piece made by a master… even masters of something make mistakes and are not perfect.

    • Rexailos says:

      mf agreeing on dunkey just get 1k likes what the fuck

    • Alfred Chan says:

      @Fred Mieth wait, what? I didn’t know that

    • Fred Mieth says:

      @Thijs Rensen2 They actually drastically reduced the price of stones with a recent patch, as well as making them much more common (and available for purchase at more merchants even without the bell bearing)

    • Fred Mieth says:

      @Alfred Chan No, the “one blood rock per playthrough” (which was definitely unreasonable) was patched out in 2015 (Patch 1.09). You can even buy them if you want, after defeating Mergo’s Wet Nurse.

  4. nub says:

    Elden ring is (to me) a masterpiece, but I’m glad Dunkey’s willing to talk about its’ flaws, it’s important to recognize what could be better especially in the best of games so they can be better

    • MicuBamba says:

      @Nikolaos Aalto The ‘artificial’ level of difficulty is a kind of trademark for From Software, as well as the dumb AI. Here (Elden Ring) they are only amplified by the open-world nature of the map (obviously the easiest part of the game).

    • MicuBamba says:

      @Alex Meh Do you understand which is main and which is side quest here…? 🤔
      Because I can’t. Except for the unusual and innovative incipit of the chosen one (you) that must save the world (Bolet… Ehm… Lordr… No… Yharn…? Ok, no clear name this time).

    • nick says:

      nice copy pasted comment i guess

    • Nikolaos Aalto says:

      @MicuBamba these issues literally never existed in a fromsoft game before. they didn’t have this amount of build variety so you never really ran out of upgrade materials (actually they did something about that in a recent patch). and about the end game damage spike, something similiar happened in a ds3 dlc and it was fixed with patches after the community complained. so what are you talking about when you say people don’t recognize these flaws? genuine question.

    • Кирилл Никитин says:

      @MicuBamba what’s even wrong about AI?😂 You’re just pulling out those flaws from your ass

  5. Chau says:

    He’s not wrong, in some of the dungeons you have regular mobs that have more HP and are more of a threat than the actual boss. I died to those mobs several times then killed the boss on my first try without breaking a sweat.

    • buffalo_nickle says:

      it’s weird but also keeps you guessing a bit, if every dungeon just had easy mobs and a really difficult boss it would get a bit predictable but that isn’t always the case.

    • SavageWaffles 100 says:

      @Peter heck no im like level 80 and im messing shit up with +14 weapons but i haven’t done bosses yet there so maybe u right. i did do 1 boss and it was general whatever in the middle of the scarlet swamp but too me the normal enemies u just gotta be careful and use the most important button in the game, the roll button

    • Nothing von Nothing says:

      @Peter heck The cave over on Radahn’s beach has enemies that are, stat wise, probably as strong as anything you’ll encounter in the game. It’s populated by Radahn’s soldiers and Cleanrot Knights who have probably several times the health of normal Caelid ones. To make things more fun, there’s an absolute TON of the elite knight enemies there, and they’re placed in trolly locations where they get to snipe at you for free or you have to fight multiple at once in a rot puddle. And to top it all off, despite retaining their normal movesets, they also gain Mausoleum Knights’ neat ability of “you can only hit me if I let you,” which means you can’t be aggressive with them.

    • Peter heck says:

      Maybe you were underleveled? I’d say the whole East/Caelid area is meant for late game

    • Nornukig says:

      They’ll just make bosses harder lol

  6. ThatPunchKid says:

    If he completed it 4 times that makes the dunkview a 40/10. Not a bad rating

  7. Cloneus says:

    Currently 90 hours into my first playthrough, I don’t like to start criticizing a good game until I have beaten it, but Dunkey really hit the nail on the head with this one. The difficulty spike along with enemy damage is ridiculous and downright sometimes not fun at all to deal with.

  8. Itsashane says:

    Elden ring is (to me) a masterpiece, but I’m glad Dunkey’s willing to talk about its’ flaws, it’s important to recognize what could be better especially in the best of games so they can be better

    • Walker says:

      @our life is song I mean thats one of the big reasons it’s unbalanced. If certain builds vastly outclass everything else then why would any in their right mind run any other build other than for extra challenge. There shouldn’t be a single build type that VASTLY outclasses the others, it ruins the incentive to play other ways.

    • Dan says:

      @Rallo Those bosses are intentionally designed to be beaten with summons. If you don’t use summons on the double boss fights you can’t complain that they’re not well designed. You’re not fighting them in the intended way. I do agree that some enemies do a bit too much damage, and the stunlocking can get frustrating.

    • Louie Berg says:

      @Samuel Sonna Buddy, this is just the worst strawman. Either engage with what is actually being said or just don’t engage at all.

    • Lop1 says:

      @Rallo That gay attack could easily become bearable, if she didn’t almost instantly start it. Delay is like 2 seconds, which is not enough to run away from her, if you’re close and are not using Bloodhound Step.

      Making her wind up like 5 seconds lomg, instead of 2 will make it almost tolerable, lol.

    • Jack Housen says:

      @Isaac Hunn i dont Trust dunkey with that, He steals footage of others and Acts Like it is his own

  9. Vegaskid says:

    140 hours for my first blind play through and it’s a god damn masterpiece, among the best games of all time. Beat all the Fromsoft games countless times and got 100% all achievements for them too, so I can say without a doubt that the endgame bosses are overtuned as hell. I think the beliefs that the community has on not summoning for a boss is completely thrown out the window with malenia for example. Health siphon AND that stupid waterfowl attack should never be on the same boss. People need to realize that it is definitely intended for you to use these items that they reward you with for exploring. If you can beat a boss like her just by yourself and aren’t using comet azur then by all means take pride, but if someone didn’t then there’s no need to belittle them. If everyone did it then you wouldn’t be special. I plan on soloing her on ng+ so I’m not really looking forward to it. All I can say is that this is a very different game than what Fromsoft has made in the past and the way they just try to make a game in a different genre and it’s already a masterpiece is beyond me.

    • Joaquín Defe says:

      Yeah, I hate that mentality of “if you use summons you didn’t really beat the game”…The reality is that most of the time you still end up having to learn the bosses’ movesets even if you use summons, you just don’t have to grind for 5 hours straight in order to beat them – which in my opinion makes the game more fun. If you beat the game on the highest difficulty, good for you, but is it necessary to shame anyone who beat it in normal difficulty?

  10. Conspireing says:

    Love the game, the boss type enemies in later parts of the game able to kill you with a couple hits though makes it feel so hard though..especially if you run into a group type boss. It’s hard, but still you really wanna go after it. I still think the damage scaling is too high though to feel like a rewarding fight

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