Love On Tour, Forever

Love On Tour, Forever

Directors: PHAM & Stella Blackmon
Creative Director: Molly Hawkins
Production Company: ANNO
Producer: Brent Assayag
Prod. Manager / Directors Assistant : Sydny Furuichi
DP: Neema Sadeghi
1st AC: Jake Coury
2nd Unit DP: Joe Ramos / Anthony Pham
1st AC (B): Chris Olson
Operator (C): Ethan Smith
Sound: James Styron
Mixing Engineer: Snake Newton

Editor: Troy Charbonnet
Color: Dylan Hageman

Full Stop Management: Jeffrey Azoff, Tommy Bruce, Tom Skoglund

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19 Responses

  1. sudenaz türkoğlu says:

    i’m so glad that i was part of this tour even for one show, i’m grateful for what u did to us Harry, thank YOU!

  2. chubby cruz says:

    Being apart of this tour has been absolutely amazing and it’s been wonderful being with everyone! I’m so grateful for all the enthusiasm in the tour from the crew, the lovely band, Harry ofc, and the fans. This video just shows how much love and joy they put into making it. THANK YOU SO MUCH <3

  3. Airabella Deal says:

    I’ve never been more grateful to be apart of such an amazing fandom, I’ve been a fan since One Direction and I’m thankful for all the memories through-out the years and friends I’ve made. I’m forever grateful for you.. Thank you for being such an amazing and incredible human being, I love you lots.

  4. MARS ! says:

    This tour means everything. It’s the music i fall asleep to, cry to, work out to and ultimately make me feel like life is worth living and things are worth doing. Harry’s voice makes the whole world stop for a minute, and for the past 13 years it’s the voice that i’ve loved over and over again. Every second i’ve had with this community has been a beautiful adventure and has made me feel incredibly loved. He’s given me strength, love, comfort and resilience. Harry has given me songs to dance to like nobody’s watching at 4am. He’s helped me cope with self harm and my thoughts in general. When I first saw this beautiful soul in person I was at one of my lowest points. He showed me a light and a way out. Thank you so much for a forever comforting environment. Love you longtime, Harry. Miss you, Love On Tour.

  5. zara parker says:

    i’m so proud i’m a part of this fandom, all sweet and kind people, helping and loving each others. Love on tour has been my home for the past 2 years and a half and i’ll never forget the emotions i felt watching harry perform live, and meeting amazing people thanks to his music, and his personality and the love us harries have for him! <3 Thank you for everything, I had so much fun and i hope you had too! ❤‍🩹

  6. Mia Kusturic says:

    Every show I went to during LOT was truly amazing. This made me sob because I miss it so much. He truly watches and pays attention to us, even on a big stage. I am so grateful to be apart of this fandom full of loving people ❤ LOT forever

  7. David Dzneladze says:

    The connection between Harry and our fandom is immaculate. The memories, friendships and love that we make together is priceless and invaluable. Thank you H for everything that you do! Love on tour will have a special place in our hearts forever ♾️

    • kadence_wadence44 says:


    • Unicorn Girl says:

      ძნელო პირველივე კომენტარია❤️

    • Connie S says:

      I think Harry has changed all of our lives for the better i went to one of his concerts and it was the best night of my entire existence ,I don’t think he understands what we would do for him like we would kill for him and he has brought so much happiness into all of our lives , so sad love on tour is over and will miss him so much but exited for a new era and more memories and experiences together ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • dan¡ says:

      exactly ♡

  8. topson says:

    Obrigada Harry por tanto amor ❤. A Love On Tour ficará para sempre em nossos corações e você também. Nós brazucas te esperamos de braços abertos para darmos continuidade em nossa história. Bom descanso e te esperaremos ansiosamente.

  9. Ems says:

    This video truly captured the magic of HSLOT, I went to the Slane show and it was an unbelievable experience, from the incredible opening acts to Harry on stage himself it was an amazing day that I’ll never forget it. Hearing the songs that mean so much to me such as fine line, satellite, Matilda and little freak live was a surreal experience because Harry’s music is so special it is hard to put into words. Love on Tour was a home and always will be from the boot scoot to satellite stomps to cheering for medicine to the kiwi kicks and of course the boas, all of it will never be forgotten. Being at that concert surrounded by thousands of beautiful, kind and caring people was a surreal feeling from dancing with complete strangers to crying with them to cheering madly. Thank you Harry, thank you, thank you, thank you. We all love you lots, take your time on your break, come back when your ready. We’ll be here. See you soon ❤
    Love on tour forever 🇮🇪💕

  10. Caroline Amber says:

    The fact that HSLOT brought so many people together MEANT so much. Strangers laughed, cried, and celebrated together. Thank you Harry for 2 wonderful years of incredible music and experiences. We can’t thank you enough and hope you come back soon. <3

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