Raging Wildfires Burn Across Canada Sending Smoke Down to the US

Raging Wildfires Burn Across Canada Sending Smoke Down to the US

More than 400 wildfires are still burning in Canada. Government officials say approximately 3.3 million hectares (8.2 million acres) have so far been scorched. This is video of fires burning in British Columbia. Smoke from the fires in Quebec and Nova Scotia triggered air quality warnings in several North American cities including New York. (Video is from BC Wildfire Service)

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52 Responses

  1. Toyota4Life says:

    I’m in Jersey and I was wondering why does the sky look like that and air has a weird smell like a campfire or someone burning wood. now I understand… that’s insane that something can spread so far

  2. Clippers Cards 2 says:

    This is insane. I really hope everyone is staying safe around the east coast

  3. CheloSlaysBeatz says:

    I’m in Massachusetts and the sky looked so smoky , could barely the skyline. Crazy how it can spread so far.

  4. ZNate says:

    I can’t do much from the small village where I live in France, but I send you all my sympathy and strength by this message 🇨🇦🇨🇵

  5. Ender DX says:

    Out here in Easton, PA the smoke is all over the place and it is hard to breathe. My prayers go out to Canada.

  6. Adam Lee says:

    I hope they can get this under control! I feel so bad for the people involved with fighting the blaze. I’m in Pennsylvania and you would think the fire is in the next town. People must stay in doors

  7. Echo Rockmore says:

    I’m in Brooklyn NYC and the whole time I thought it looked foggy or something because it was about to rain. Wow this is crazy

  8. Tarell Hudson says:

    I was wondering why I was able to look at the sun for a prolonged period without having to immediately avert my eyes and it had a weird orange tint. Didn’t realize it was smoke. And now I can fathom how a super volcano could blot out the sun completely and send us into an ice age.

    • YABOii POLO says:

      Word I work ems in bx and was in Long Island n I’m tryna tell my partner to look at the sun it looked clear n wasn’t burning my eyes but she was dozing off 😂

    • Patrick Simmonds says:

      Please never look into the sun. Even if it feels like you can.

    • Tarell Hudson says:

      @Patrick Simmonds Of course I know that. I just happened to look up and see the orange color and in that momentary glance, realized it wasn’t burning my eyes like it usually does. It’s not gonna kill your eye sight to look at the sun for a few seconds. I wouldn’t spend hours gazing at it.

    • Pro bro says:

      Yeah the sun was like orange

    • Nicholas TV says:

      ​@Patrick Simmonds hey what’s up
      How are you doing today Patrick
      I’m Jay from NC

  9. mom ASOL says:

    Stay safe! I feel so sorry for all the living things got destroyed with the fire. I was concerned when I look at my weather app and it says the Air Quality Alert.

  10. Foxes Run Garden says:

    It’s so awful! Animal lover that I am, my heart breaks for the wildlife. 💔 Hope it gets under control really, really soon! It’s super smoky here in Philly!

    • KELezetti says:

      Same and I’m in pa I just feel so bad for the birds and all the critters outside that can’t escape it

    • Louis Ng. says:

      The authority says it’ll continue to be like this or even worst all summer 😢😢

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