Manchester United vs. Galatasaray: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

Manchester United vs. Galatasaray: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 2 | CBS Sports Golazo

Manchester United showed they could compete against Bayern Munich last round, but moral victories won’t be enough as they host Galatasaray at Old Trafford.

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57 Responses

  1. stink says:

    Zaha scoring at Trafford again like he never left

  2. Shawn Henderson says:

    Love seeing the underdog win! Unfortunately that wasn’t the case today.

  3. Father of Triple X and PepXhaalandMCFCEditz says:

    Tough loss for the underdogs! 2 losses in a row unfortunately. 😢

  4. Yj S says:

    I bet utd fans miss De Gea a lot.

  5. Luis Carvalho says:

    This is a strategic move by United. They’re trying to get into the Europa league and attempt to win that to make sure they have champions league football next year

  6. Alinson Zarate says:

    Amazing game by Davinson Sanchez,2 assists…nobody is talking about it

  7. Hello says:

    Thank God Icardi made up for that penalty. Almost choked it big time. Big 3 points

  8. catsmewlaserspew catsmewlaserspew says:

    Well done Galatasaray, proud of you guys!

  9. Magicalbunny says:

    I dare somebody to say this was a upset. Galatasaray are a very good team with Icardi, tete, Ziyech, Mertens, Zaha, and Torrieria

  10. Jeremy King says:

    Man just looking at our starting lineup, you knew it was gonna be a rough game with all the injuries… but I had a bit of hope thanks to Hojlund heroics. Heartbreak again. I used to think Bruno and Casemiro were two of our strongest players, but with every game that passes they just look like a liability on defense… as if we didn’t have enough of those already.

    • Caleb Roth says:

      Injuries? 😂. This is basically your first team…

    • George Smith says:

      Mate don’t blame Bruno and Casemiro. They’re one of our only and most consistent performers. I hate to talk bad about Onana so early on in his time at United but he’s been one of the biggest liabilities in the defense.

    • Danny says:

      Stop with the injury excuses my lord

    • Thomas Meier says:

      @George SmithCasi is horrible lol. watching him play you can tell he’s got about 50 minutes of legs in him MAX

    • Coconut Jewce says:

      Casemiro isn’t the problem at all. I love Bruno but he’s been shockingly bad this season. It doesn’t help that ETH is constantly forcing him out wide, but he should still be better.

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