Marshawn Lynch Shows Kevin Hart Beast Mode In The Cold Tubs | Cold as Balls | Laugh Out Loud Network

Marshawn Lynch Shows Kevin Hart Beast Mode In The Cold Tubs | Cold as Balls | Laugh Out Loud Network

#MarshawnLynch joins #KevinHart in the ice tubs and talks about that 1-yard Super Bowl play, how to stay warm in an ice tub, and all things #beastmode.


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42 Responses

  1. LOL Network says:

    We finally delivered on getting Marshawn Lynch on a season – how excited are you?

  2. Anthony P says:

    Marshawn put his feet square in, socks and all. What a monster😂

  3. Osif Maga says:

    This show more impressive knowing Kevin basically holding himself up through the whole interview 😂😂

  4. Jordan Miles says:

    Marshawn is so naturally funny. He was so good on Murderville.

  5. Ze Moch says:

    I love that Marshawn marches to the sound of his own drum. Never change Beast Mode!

  6. Hollywood Donn says:

    Idk who’s idea it was to put these 2 together but man I aint mad at it lmaooo

  7. LOGAN HILL says:

    Marshawn needs his own show, he is hilarious.

  8. spiderpimp33 says:

    I LOVE this show! However, they need an uncensored version too for 35+ yr old adults. Lol!

    The bleeps be loud as hell in my EarPods. 🤣

  9. RebornKingz says:

    Lmao Kevin knew exactly what he was doing with this episode Marshawn was not going for Bam Bam and Daryl antics this episode so they completely cut em out of it.

  10. King Kobra says:

    IT’S A SLOW PROCESS, BUT QUITTING WON’T SPEED IT UP. No matter how bad it is ,please keep pushing! It will all make sense ❣️🙏🏽

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