I tried to profit at an arcade

I tried to profit at an arcade

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thanks to my friend cody for helping me out with this
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music in this video:
Super Mario Odyssey OST – Bubblaine
Galia Social – Rise
The Sims OST – Buy Mode
Runescape OST – Venture
Runescape OST – Miles Away
Runescape OST – Adventure
Ennio Mano – Flowery
The rest are various tracks from https://www.epidemicsound.com


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38 Responses

  1. Firstname Lastname says:

    What a dumb idea

  2. Joel Haver says:

    I read the title as “I tried eliminating an elected official”, I was SO confused after 20 minutes

  3. Maia says:

    the fact that Drew and Amanda put their bowling names names as “Me” and “BimBim” (their cat) is hilarious to me

  4. Geen Stagni says:

    This is exactly the type of thing everyone wished they could do but we don’t so we watch Drew live our dreams instead

  5. Bluebomb16 says:

    I met a guy in a Dave and Busters who makes money this way. He was insanely good at almost every game and knew exactly how to beat them optimally. He earns enough tickets off of a $100 card to buy a Wii U to then resell. This was several years ago, so I don’t know if he still wins Wii U’s or if he buys something different now. He use to be in a few arcade youtube channels videos. I think his name had something to do with mewtwo. If i find it ill reply to this comment.

    • Austin says:

      Was it Matt3756? Nothing to do with mewtwo but he’s good at arcade games

    • Mental Popcorn says:

      Pretty sure this just isn’t possible at every arcade. Depends on cost of prizes and tickets won per jackpot

    • Baksidesteez says:

      Holy crap I remember mewtwostruckback!

    • Mud Kip says:

      Channel name : Mewtwostruckback

    • KamenMod says:

      I also forgot the channel’s name but I can verify back in my youth I was subscribed to someone like this. He was the type to play arcade games constantly and I lived vicariously through him since it was just therapeutic to see so many arcade games being won. The name had to do with mewtwo or three or something but it started with an M for sure.

  6. Lonely Sandwich says:

    looks like Drew finally realised he can write off expenses on his taxes…

  7. Johnny 2 Cellos says:

    If Drew never makes another video again, we know why 💰💰💰

  8. Angelica says:

    There’s something about cubed meat that makes me feel like I’m being fed my rations for the day. Absolutely killed me lmao, those nachos looked pretty mediocre tho.

  9. Kyle Ramos says:

    Drew and Eddy both wore a hat to hide the fact that they went to a place multiple times to either win a hot dog toaster or watch Morbius. Amazing.

  10. Natalie Maddox says:

    This video has so many elements, Drew clearly puts in a ton of work. He deserves his $3.

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