Marvel Studios’ Loki Season 2 | Mid-Season Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Loki Season 2 | Mid-Season Trailer

You won’t believe what’s coming.

Catch up on Episode 4 of Loki Season 2, before a new episode arrives this Thursday at 6PM PT on Disney+.

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38 Responses

  1. Romisa Rahman says:

    For whom the Avengers came to be, and for whom MCU is still worth watching. Ladies and gentlemen, Loki. 🖤

    • SeDoHeMa says:

      MCU is dead, looooong dead, rotted away actually. And this isn’t the Loki show, it’s the Sylvie show.

    • Raza Mehndi says:

      @SeDoHeMa yeah but she is also Loki, so yeah Ladies and Gentlemen Loki 💚

    • Griffgames says:

      ​@SeDoHeMaHaha, you’re so insecure about woman characters. You need to evolve.

    • Ira Ford says:

      @SeDoHeMa only thing that’s dead is the narrative that you people came up with about the MCU being dead lmao.

    • cinema mortal says:

      MCU is never gonna be dead they will be back in big way there will be so much hype for SECRET WARS ..Then those Hollywood greats who criticised them will be shut up forever..😂 I promise you this they never lost their way they are just bringing too much because secret wars is too much to just to finish it like infinity saga if you know you know 😮

  2. PapaSmurf says:

    Can we just put whomever has been writing the Loki series in charge of the rest of the Marvel Universe and phases? This series is absolutely amazing. I’ve loved every single episode since it’s premier. Well done!

    • light darksoul says:

      No because not everything has the same tone like guardians shouldn’t feel like Loki 100 percent

    • Robert Jackson says:

      ​@lightdarksoul2097 the gurdians didn’t even have the same tone after the 1st movie…. the 1st guradians of the galaxy movie was perfect and the two that followed was stupid…. they made the characters to goofy if you compare the latest two movies with the 1st one it’s a big difference and me personally, I think they ruin what coulda been great.

    • light darksoul says:

      @Robert Jackson well I disagree especially with the third but whatever

    • George Hunt says:

      @light darksoulyeah, the third was magnificent and had a somewhat similar feel to the first, it is hard to replicate that feel when the group has become a family

  3. NJML says:

    I love it when I can’t predict the next move or scared on their behalf of what they need to do next . Bravo!

  4. Sophia Douka says:

    Loki started as a straightout vilain, then turned into a delightfully naughty anti-hero to finally become a complex, multilayered repentant hero. This stroryline has become probably my favorite in the MCU regarding the original group of superheroes. It is complex, clever, funny, heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time as well as it extends the MCU universe.

  5. Riyan Nizar says:

    Loki never disappoints

  6. TheComposerChangingGames says:

    This show, both seasons, is honestly the best marvel thing since Endgame.

  7. The Chosen one says:

    Am I the only one who REALLY love these mid season trailers for every show?

  8. Chris Johnson says:

    Seriously though, this writing, directing, and production team should be on EVERY MCU title going forward.

  9. Koen Acfalle G says:

    I cannot wait for episode 5 and the season finale. Both of the episodes will be a truly masterpiece.

  10. maniacformovies says:

    This show has been literally perfect so far. The visuals, storytelling, characters, just all incredible. Cannot wait for the last two!!!

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