Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion | Official Trailer | Disney+

Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion | Official Trailer | Disney+

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Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion, an Original series, is streaming June 21 on Disney+.

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44 Responses

  1. X says:

    This is what the MCU needs, the tone is serious and consistent throughout every trailer

    • Shark Doge says:

      @residentsteve  Did you actually watch Andor? I disliked the sequels, rogue one, and solo, but found Andor would have been good even if it wasn’t a star wars property

    • DutchKing says:

      its the same bs, why have Fury do all this when one of the Avengers could help him and save the day. Marvel movies have dug too deep of a hole.

    • Hitler 420 says:

      @mai 😐

    • N Ly says:

      @AmLan OP you can’t be serious or have emotional moments when the movie is filled with bland cringe inoffensive humor the vast majority of the audience hates

    • AmLan OP says:

      Even in Antman’s trailer the tone was serious but movie was average for me
      I m nobody to criticize but I feel the movie needed many improvement

  2. says:

    Finally more of the tone set by Captain America The Winter Soldier, a real sense of tension.

  3. Ben L says:

    Olivia and Emilia joining the MCU is exciting; they’re both so great

  4. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Emilia Clarke!!! 🖤 I love the vibes, the seriousness, all that spy-action. Not everything have to be jokes and punchlines.

  5. Marisa M says:

    This series is going to be absolutely amazing I can tell. Every trailer has been a constant and it looks like so much will be going on. Also Emilia Clarke is in it so you know it’s gunna be fantastic. Definitely what the MCU needs 🎉

  6. TheMexicanName says:

    Rhodes’ line “You’re the most wanted man.. on the planet” kinda sent a chill down my spine

  7. Sarina Zaman says:

    I love when Marvel leans onto these serious matter, the gritty action sequences, the politics within the MCU. That’s why for me Winter Soldier and Civil War were so different than the rest. And hopefully Fury doesn’t die.

  8. LOMAZKO7 says:

    Loving The Dark Tone!!! Really hope this is on the same level as Winter Soldier or Civil War because this is shaping up to be very interesting and potentially the best show yet.

  9. Jamie Winsh says:

    Finally we have an official release date! I’m so excited for this and I love how the really serious tone. Not one joke in site. That’s what the mcu needs right now

  10. C28 Music says:

    I appreciate the care the writers have with the story: there’s no unnecessary content added for needless humor: it’s just pure sincerity

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