Race Highlights | 2023 Australian Grand Prix

Race Highlights | 2023 Australian Grand Prix

Our race in Melbourne did not disappoint! Catch up with all the best bits from a dramatic race at Albert Park.

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39 Responses

  1. Ermz says:

    The Melbourne Grand Prix finally reflected how we drive on those streets the other 364 days of the year.

  2. JD says:

    Lowkey impressed with the commentary after the 3rd restart. It’s amazing how he could keep track of all the carnage that was going on

    • Jessthegeek Edits says:

      ​@有华不辱 武汉病毒Also on Channel 4 for those of us in the UK that don’t have sky

    • harlyquin says:

      @Daniël sorry my point was that the commentators new it was starting under the pace car for a while and yet didnt realize it would only be a formation lap until it was about to happen

    • Daniël says:

      ​@harlyquincould have also not gone out again, and then the choice of chosing the starting grid as it was or how it ended up was also up in the air i guess

    • Aaron says:

      Shame that in Australia, we had local commentators on TV and they were just describing at a much slower pace and were not used to doing thing for every race in the calendar.

    • The Gothenburg Family says:

      “keeping track” 😅

  3. Friedrich Siefferman says:

    The spectators certainly got their money’s worth for tickets for the entire weekend

  4. Chodeoriki says:

    Man that +5 second penalty was devasting to watch his reaction.

    • Paul_Sleeping says:

      @Traversal In America, Sainz wouldn’t have been penalized because the lap never happened since it was deleted, therefore, his actions also never happened. That is how it should be. You cannot penalize a driver’s action(s) because the lap does not exit.

    • Traversal says:

      @DiscoStu Conduct/carelessness penalty for Sainz. Just because the lap got deleted doesn’t mean anything, that wasn’t to penalise him, so the action would go unpenalised without the 5 second penalty. Same thing if you take a position going off the track, if you don’t give it back in time, even if you DO give it back, penalty for not being on top of your conduct.

    • F.R.Y says:

      ​@DiscoStu stroll has no chance to avoid it.

    • DiscoStu says:

      @arbiter1  the lap got deleted. Alonso got the position back. There’s no need for a penalty. And what about no penalty for stroll at the start??

  5. Delinquent says:

    Super excited to see the performance from Aston Martin this season! Love seeing a new team fighting at the front!

  6. DK45 says:

    That Aston Martin is built like a tank. Sure can take a few impacts and collisions and keep on going. Amazing!

  7. KJ Wong says:

    That last restart was absolute ridiculous chaos

    • Valentino Nathan says:


    • Steve Smith says:

      @yomamasohot rolling restart in the order at red flag

    • Dave Kurt says:

      ​@Jove It hasn’t been a sport since Scumachers 2nd retirement lol. Cars are too advanced and easy. Only Alonso would be able to drive a car from the 90s well

    • Eduskywalker 182 says:

      The last race of the 2021 season supposed to be finished like that.

    • Flavien says:

      Bad luck? Saine desperately dived deep into the curve and it was far too late to brake man… he played the game, and lost it. That’s fair. How many times should we witness such behavior?

  8. Bullet Time says:

    I love the Hamilton-Alonso-Carlos ft.Gasly “gap battle”, when either of them was pushing to close the gap the other responded by also pushing harder to extend it, with Gasly just at the back keeping them (especially Carlos) at their toes to prevent them making any costly mistakes

    • FZA says:

      I think it was actually the most interesting part of the race. I was really really tense about who was gonna blink first, like a mexican standoff but it’s formula one

    • Johnny's Teradactyl says:

      nobody is surprised that fa wins regardless of what happens. that’s some power, right?

  9. Tom A says:

    imagine that Yuki Tsunoda got a top ten finish in this hotly contested race. He is a very consistent finisher in that range. Can you imagine what is possible if he had a better car than the Alphatauri honda

  10. Jason says:

    That RB speed on DRS is quite astonishing!😲

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