Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – Expanded Marvel’s New York | PS5 Games

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – Expanded Marvel’s New York | PS5 Games

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Senior Creative Director Bryan Intihar narrates a first look at the newly expanded Marvel’s New York and what you can expect from its next-gen open-world gameplay.

Developed by Insomniac Games in collaboration with Marvel Games and PlayStation, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 continues the saga of the critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise.

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41 Responses

  1. Shivam Trivedi says:

    This game just keeps getting better every time they decide to show us something 😍🔥can’t wait!

  2. Balmi says:

    That fast travel where it seamlessly goes from the map to the 3D environment looks insane

    • muresan andrei says:

      That’s how you do next gen travel unlike Starflop 🤣

    • Mol says:

      ​@muresan andreiand there we have our petty little console fanboy.

    • Doomslayer chilling in the coffin says:

      ​@Mol ehh, nothing really to do with the platform as much as the game itself. Starfield is a disappointing mess, doesn’t really matter where you play it.

    • iPlayerify says:

      @Doomslayer chilling in the coffin that’s like your opinion if you played the game, why bringing up an irrelevant game to a Spider-Man announcement then lol no wonder PS fanboys are petty

    • ryboits75 says:

      @iPlayerify As someone who owns both a PS5 and a PC and regularly swaps between both systems regularly, Starfield’s travel system is pretty empty and ugly in comparison.

  3. SK Le says:

    Spider-Man will never get old for me, one of my all time favorite heroes since I was a kid.

  4. Dribble Pi55 says:

    The passion this studio shows is just incredible you know wolverine is going to be insane

  5. Extreme Annihilation says:

    I really like the colours of the environment. They feel fresh. They have chosen the right colour palette.

  6. Ahmed Nasrullah says:

    The animation and the graphics looks insane! Can’t wait to see more of what Imsomniac has in store for us!

  7. Ludoviajante says:

    I love how you can feel the difference between the two, both in weight and agility.
    Not to mention that the graphics seem to have improved! HYPE

    • gwouth says:

      oiiiiii ludo, nao esperava ver vc por aqui

    • ArthropodSpidey says:

      They said the earlier showcase was an early build. Were you asleep? The graphics have always been great

    • GGG420 says:

      yeah bro obviously years after the previous game the graphics would improve? do you think they would just stay the same? people on youtube are so slow i swear😂

    • Vex Gamer says:

      @GGG420Maybe the slow one is you because they aren’t talking about improving graphics from past games, they’re talking about the graphics being better than previous trailers and showcases, because they were earlier builds of the game. Insomniac has confirmed that they’re improving and touching up on the graphics for the final build that’s gonna be released

      Just wanted to clear that out for you not to embarrass yourself

    • Sonicfan640 says:

      ​@ArthropodSpidey many games have failed to make significant improvements after “early builds”. You can never be too sure until there is solid proof. Especially with the number of games that get rushed out these days.

  8. Emile Vinesh says:

    Watching this made me realize how far we’ve come with videogame technology. It’s absolutely incredible that we can traverse entire cities that look super realistic! I can’t wait for this game!

  9. a I m says:

    The suits are just insanely awesome, and the mechanics are shocking and epic

  10. WallCrawlerTV says:

    Vaya sacada de rabo, se han superado, tengo muchas ganas de jugarlo, 1 mes más 🕸️

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