Mauga | New Hero Gameplay Trailer | Overwatch 2

Mauga | New Hero Gameplay Trailer | Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s latest Tank Hero Mauga is charging his way to the battlefield!

Equipped with two chain guns (Gunny and Cha-Cha), Mauga is ready to bash through the front lines of his opponents and tear through anyone that stands in his way with tons of fire-power. Get acquainted with Mauga’s ability kit in his Gameplay Trailer and hop into Overwatch 2 Nov 3-5 to play him in a limited-time free trial.

Mauga makes his official debut in Overwatch 2 Season 8 on Dec 5!
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46 Responses

  1. Zachary Smith says:

    ok he’s kinda insane 😼

  2. Galavant Adams says:

    Seems like a fun character! Also, it reminds me a lot like Maui from Moana. Personally and character design, just more aggressive.

  3. Sean Harmon says:

    Love the look of this. Reckon he’ll get destroyed by snipers or characters like soldier, but he’ll shred tanks, supports, or anyone without mobility

  4. TimeyWimey says:

    I like how expressive he is. Almost feels like he comes from an entirely different game than the other heroes.
    Also, i hope him and rien have some funny interactions.

    • Jing Lim Lau says:

      Unfortunately, can only have 1 tank in a team. Guess we can’t hear it

    • Dyll Will says:

      You can still do it in any non-role-lock modes. I know for sure Ramattra has a voice line with Hammond/Ball where he asks Hammond “Why a ball” to which Ball replies ” He says “Because a Wheel would fall over”” and in response to this, Rammatra laughs.

    • bingly bingler says:

      ​@Dyll Willyou also have dialog for the people you eliminate as well

    • Dyll Will says:

      @binglybingler2598  Right, thought that was a given lol

    • Bre Prince says:

      hes adding so much personality onto the game. majority of the heros are polite and calm. too calm

  5. PeterDrippin says:

    he’s gonna be way too OP when he first gets released

  6. PigHunter Gaming says:

    Now THIS is my kind of character design. Love everything about him, his mannerism, his banter, his arsenal. This guy is going to be a menace for sure.

  7. Derp Memes says:

    for the first time in a while imma say it. This character actually looks fun

  8. Zack Multimedia says:

    When you want a new character, you generally don’t want one more powerful than everyone, you want new and innovative techniques and movements, and honestly its dual weapon mechanics, its barrier and ulti seem like something very new to me.

  9. isabel Vazquez says:

    i honestly think he’s pretty balanced for being new. i like his kit and playstyle

    • The Switchblade says:

      Agreed. Very strong but gets countered pretty hard and requires smart play.

    • R says:

      From this trailer alone, it looks like he has two Bastion mini-guns firing at the same time, doesn’t look balanced to me (especially in recent months, Bastion was a “meta” pick. Braindead characters who demands zero skill being rewarded, this became a iconic characteristic of Overwatch at this point)

    • TopLevelb says:

      @R I played him in the game, they don’t have bastion levels of damage tho, the whole fire-crit gimmick is actually where most of his damage comes from. Barriers are his biggest weakness since they can’t be lit on fire, so you don’t get crits (you can’t even crit barriers) and you get no overhealth or healing.

    • isabel Vazquez says:

      @R i’ve played him and his damage fall off is insane so he needs to be pushing far up to actually do anything and he doesn’t have any sheild health so he’s not as immortal

    • Gegi TheRein says:

      @TopLevelb So, your telling me rein counters him? If so that’s just great news for a rein main.

  10. Gage Foster says:

    I want to play him so bad. He’s like heavy with powers and two guns!

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