MAX REACTS: Street Fighter 6 – Teaser Trailer

MAX REACTS: Street Fighter 6 – Teaser Trailer

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44 Responses

  1. Roach says:

    Simmons has never been more right about anything. This is your last chance, old school Capcom fighting game fans. Buy that collection if you want those old franchises to return.

    • belmontzar says:

      @SOHGuy the cameos and their reception have helped keep our lovable Monsters atleast in the back of their minds… which is better than seeing Felicia and Company dropped in the dust.
      I honestly belive this is Less about Darkstalkers itself and more about Capcom showing Disney the profit potential of a Marvel Vs compilation. Do I want more Darkstalkers games? Oh totally… but I dont think thats what the end goal of this collection is.

    • belmontzar says:

      Im already planning preorders and how much over time im gonna need to do.

    • ramiel007 says:

      @Fernando Zavaleta Bustos cyberbots is good too

    • ramiel007 says:

      @El same

    • Light Up says:

      @Neco-Ico its a great collection of classics whats there not to like

  2. arkainjalex12 says:

    It’s good to see bearded Ryu. I was saying the same thing as you guys when SFV came out, most of those battle costumes needed to be their default looks. I grew up with SF2 and love the classic, iconic outfits but as a series evolves so should its characters. Ryu is a wandering hobo martial artist, not a young clean cut student anymore. His appearance should reflect that. The same goes for everyone else.

    • DaRk_NiGhTwInG_XL says:

      @Michael Butler how do y’all know the full story about gouken? Damn

    • caribbeanj says:

      Make it hobo fighter 6

    • Akillez says:

      @Leith aziz I agree , strive takes a imagining on the characters but stays true. Same can be said for other fgs. Like Mk11 , nrs ( nether realm studio s, aka the people who makes Mortal Kombat and Injustice ) always redesign and give us a fresh new lookl whether it something to affect the lore or just a more refined design. I swear seen Ryu in the same white gi for a decade up until now as his default.

    • Ebon O. says:

      Yeah the series needs evolution. I feel like we’ve been playing sf2 for 30 years. The problem is they’ve tried bit nothing has really stuck. Hopefully it will this time.

    • Saagar is a liar says:

      @Leith aziz KY and I-NO look fantastic

  3. Ronald Maday says:

    Here’s my big-brain fan theory with regards to the collection: I feel like Capcom wants to honor the other titles, but they need SF6 to do well to hopefully green-light sequels to other beloved fighting games. So, the best Capcom could do at this moment was to bring a collection of titles that fighting game fans will be hyped about as well as introduce a new audience while they wait to see if they can resurrect other franchises. Furthermore, do we want an MvC collection? This is where it begins – we get SF6 to do well, people eat up the collection, and this success allows for Capcom to get in talks with Disney to license an MvC collection, maybe even a proper MvC4. If there’s any merit to what I’m saying, we could possibly see one of the best redemption arcs for a company. Imagine a new age of Capcom fighting games that reflect the nostalgia and fun of the 90’s, but in modern day!

    • Luiz Fernando Pereira Ferreira says:

      Just in case I will buy both.

    • jabroni destroyer says:

      Its probably gonna end up with a Wha Happun episode

    • Big Red says:

      I had to upvote you for totally speaking FAX!! I can tell you smart asf with a 4.0 GPA from high school.

    • Code Turtle says:

      MvC is forever dead. That IP only flourished under non-Disney management. Capcom vs SNK seems like the better approach now since KOF and Samurai Shodown are still kicking.

    • lsebastian9086 says:

      Hm, i will have to see how will Capcom fare with Street Fighter 6.

      Before they try to tackle Marvel and Disney, first they have to proove everyone if they learnt from their last game fiascos, but until then, i am remaining skeptical on Capcom.

  4. Mat Max says:

    Normally i would be worried that they’re using the RE engine given it doesn’t have any fighting game oriented code in it but given what they achieved with DMC5, how it feels exactly as it should, I’m pretty sure this will be dope

    • Deadman Devin says:

      I just hope it won’t be colorless

    • Logan Dunlap says:

      the fact that it’s an engine originally built for RE has nothing to do with what it can be used for. there’s plenty of stranger borrowed engine situations. halo and that stubbs the zombie game run on the same engine. in essence, the engine of a game is like a foundation of a building, you can put whatever kind of building on that foundation you want. i can put apartments on the foundation or i can put a suburban home there, they have the same foundation but they’re different end products. building something doesn’t really change because the foundation is one kind or another and making a game is no different.
      please understand what you’re talking about before you say it.

    • Joshua says:


    • Gaylord Lol says:

      RE engine is actual witchcraft

    • DR3D1 says:

      @rjmthe2nd Or the best example: Persona 3 and 4 use the same engine as Burnout 1-through-Revenge (And I think Paradise as well).

  5. Brandon Soto says:

    The RE engine is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see how other characters look, especially Blanka.

    • David Shirley says:

      @Showstopper1824 the characters are better also. You sound like a hater tbh

    • Showstopper1824 says:

      @David Shirley I don’t care what year it is people feed off nostalgia. I’m not disagreeing with your initial comment but completely moving away from what made the franchise what it is, is foolish. The fact that 3rd strike has good mechanics is the only thing keeping it alive

    • roberto5red5rocky says:

      Please tele this is Ryu vs Mel …. Omg Ken’s son grown up would be so fucking lit !

    • David Shirley says:

      @Showstopper1824 sir this is 2022 and sf3 is so much better than every other version of street fighter. It’s a safe bet for this new generation. No one’s gonna cry because dhalsm isn’t in sf6.

    • David Shirley says:

      @Night Runner I’m talking about characters like blanka, ehonda, guile, Vega, Balrog and all those characters that were originally gone when alpha and sf3 came out. They’re just regurgitated at this point and don’t need to return. They aren’t even main characters. Everyone and their grandma is sick of them. Let originality rein supreme. Kill them!!!

  6. Coby Eugene says:

    Watching this live was so damn awesome, can’t wait to hear more this Summer!

  7. Wigglytuff says:

    I’mma buy the shit out of that collection, if the rollback is great, this is gonna be one hell of a way to revisit these classics.

  8. Incog2k6 says:

    I love how Ryu has been in his 30s since the 1990s. Literally. That awkward moment when you’ve been maining him since you were a kid, and now you’re older than him. LMAO.

    • The Will Of D says:

      @ToruKun1 Our time he is in his 50’s we don’t know in the context of street fighter. That’s the point.

      Plus in SF2 we don’t know how old he is in that game.

      Because SF1 is first then SF Alpha, SF2 SF4, SF5, SF3, SF6*

      So yeah irl he is 50 based on his birthday. But in Canon we don’t know. For all we know he can be in is late or early 30’s lol

    • ToruKun1 says:

      In SF2, Ryu’s date of birth is listed as 7/21/1964, so he should be 58 now LOL

    • Black Out says:

      @The Will Of D They reveal his age in some Japanese SFIII book. They also have official ages for SF1.

    • The Will Of D says:

      we dont have an official age of him in each game. So it’s hard to even say he was even in his 30’s.

      Like SF1 he was a boy
      SFA series still young that’s easy to say.

  9. X Y Mori Intus says:

    Love how excited you all were i don’t play fighting games but totally feel you with the hypeness

  10. Darth Phazon says:

    Man, your guys’ enthusiasm is contagious. I’m not even an SF fan and this looks awesome.

    • Light Up says:

      Street Fighter is the true godfather of Fighting Games, the one that truly ignited the fire

    • Light Up says:

      @Nico But max said SFV is great in its latest seasons

    • Yuki Colburn says:

      @Whiteboy Nintendo Ps4 Gamer People can dislike whatever they want, it doesn’t make them dumb to have different tastes.

      Then again that comment just smells like bait, so I might’ve walked into the trap here.

    • Silent Noise says:

      @Whiteboy Nintendo Ps4 Gamer Broken english much? Run on sentence, bad grammer. It hurts reading your opinion, just because they dont like your taste doesnt mean they are any less of a person.

    • Whiteboy Nintendo Ps4 Gamer says:

      People who don’t like Street fighter is a Dumb and Dumber 😑 anyway my Favorite Capcom Games are Devil May cry and MegaMan and Resident evil and Dead rising and Street fighter and Monster Hunter that all my Favorites Capcom Games only 😤

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