McKinsey: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

McKinsey: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the oldest and largest management consulting firm: McKinsey & Company.

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35 Responses

  1. CapriciousHost says:

    John Oliver is once again trying his absolute best to get sued. Never change.

    • Ze Moose says:

      Have they tried before? 🤔

    • chloedsmith says:

      Well I guess they’d have to prove that any of it was either clearly a lie and not satire, or a lie and presented as truth. Idk how they would sue him for talking about the things that they did and continue to do, presenting opinion on true facts that are documented either in official sources or literally by themselves doesn’t seem like something they could sue for.

      I guess if any of this sounds outlandish, it’s because these people behave like actual cartoon villains since they can just hide behind the corpo name and rarely, if ever, face personal consequences.

    • Gaijin says:

      Ever since that coal company tried to sue and realized it’s a waste of time I think they’ll be okay.

    • John Harrison says:

      Ikr? I unironically love that they make getting sued a part of their brand.

  2. Guilherme Barros says:

    Last year, I worked at a company that hired McKinsey to work on a tech project here in Brazil. After 6 months and millions of dollars spent, they delivered a project so fundamentally shitty that some analysts from my company (me included) had to be brought in to fix the absolute mess they had created. When confronted, they refused to acknowledge their bad job, and according to one of their partners “were very disappointed at us”.

    The truth is, upper level management loves McKinsey because they are very good at making nice-looking Power Points and easily convince people who don’t really know much about anything (such as upper level management). The analysts who are forced to work with them absolutely hate them (and I know a lot of cases that were similar to mine).

    And, of course, all of this is just peanuts compared to the actual harm McKinsey does working for governments and morally dubious companies around the world.

    • James Rhine says:

      Wow. This comes as no surprise. Thank you for sharing your experience!

    • Breno Ingwersen says:

      Hahahaha entregaram um “deck” de 100 slides e uma planilha com algumas abas de cores diferentes e várias tabelas soltas com referência cruzada e cheia de cores?

    • Ricardo Martinez says:

      I have seen the analysis other “big” consultant companies do and charge a fortune for, and I believe you. It is insane the amount of money is wasted.

    • Martin Ohnenamen says:

      Main point for upper management to bring those consulting firms in is to cover their ass. If something fails they always can blame it on the advice they received. That’s why those consulting firms also get the big contracts from governments and political institutions.

  3. Richard Hedd says:

    Thank you John for going after these parasites. The fact that Katie Porter is on to their BS should come as no surprise.

  4. Rebel says:

    McKinsey needs to be brought into court for the opioid crisis.

  5. christdragon says:

    It’s been said that, Good things are done in the light of day, and evil things are done secretly behind closed doors. I love the clip of Ms Porter at 15:34. She’s one of the few members of Congress who does what their supposed to do. We need many more like her. Unfortunately no one is holding this company accountable. It just goes to show that we live in a oligarchy, plutocracy, and fascist state.
    I highly encourage everyone to watch the documentaries “The Corporation” and “Confessions of a Economic Hitman”. Thanks.

  6. villegas24 says:

    As an ex big 4 employee I didn’t expect to find a company that was even more cringe than my last employer. Congrats McKinsey.

  7. Thomas Körner says:

    As a rule of thumb:The more a company announces that they aren’t evil the more evil they are!

  8. L. Lewis says:

    I’m a retired emergency management specialist. I was stunned to learn that British Petroleum and other firms had allowed consultants to write their emergency plans that, expectedly, turned out to be virtually useless when the Deepwater Horizon Spill occurred. A good emergency plan requires input from the people who will actually respond to the emergency, who are the employees and managers themselves, with guidance from an expert in preparing emergency plans. However, the consultant-prepared plans looked like boiler-plate that did not take into account differences between companies in structure, staffing, environment, jurisdiction, and other variables. The same would expectedly be true for advising companies on day-to-day management, which should be closely aligned with disaster roles.

    • Salt King says:

      but have you concidered that a good plan costs money? companies will rather take the gamble then being pro active and it costing them something. I think it was the same with Koch industries, who rather pay fines or court ruling than invest money into safety and enviromental programs.

    • MonkeyJedi99 says:

      Getting input on a process from the people who are actually using the process? That’s CRAZY TALK!
      You can’t justify $10.5 million payouts to talk to a line mechanic who already works for you!

    • L. Lewis says:

      @MonkeyJedi99 LOL

  9. Toren says:

    We recently discovered in France that the government was paying 1 billion per year for McKinsey (and other counseling firms that are probably not much better). It was a “McKinseygate” as you would say in America (we call that “affairs” in France). It’s exactly the budget needed for sexual and sexist violence prevention, but the right have other priorities.

    • Aaron B says:

      We know all about the Dreyfus Affairgate in the States.

    • MICHAEL beats says:

      Same in Belgium between McKinsey and the Postal Service. Postal service, which is 51% or something owned by government, granted McKinsey highly paid contracts without public tender offers which is illegal

  10. Killyour Ego says:

    I really don’t like the sociopathic greedy corporations that run our country and are responsible for so much of the terrible shit that happens in the world. It’s one of the most repulsive and soulless things that is part of our reality.

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