Meet Our New Family Members!… The Best Day Of Our Lives So Far!

Meet Our New Family Members!… The Best Day Of Our Lives So Far!

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14 Responses

  1. Meow Teeth says:

    The girls have stumbled into a house full of love and caring people. It’s heartwarming to see the hard work on the living space, and the alpacas enjoyment of their new home!

  2. elizacat04 says:

    I liked what Shane said about the alpacas being therapeutic and how it is helping with anxiety❤

    • Ingrid Mulder says:

      Here in the Netherlands we have so called care farms. Those are places were mentally and physical handicapped people go to every day as daytime care/ daytime activities. Often they work with animals like alpacas or they take care of the vegetable gardens. It’s a great concept for those people.

  3. Katie Hidde says:

    “Alpacos” gosh I love grandma. She’s too precious for this world 😂

  4. lovelyn says:

    I honestly love seeing ryland being so proud of himself for all the awesome stuff he does and how excited he gets about things it always makes me smile its so cute

  5. Bruzer Bites says:

    You guys were meant to have this place, the barn couldn’t be more perfect and having neighbors that all share alpacas shaving hosting ” parties” is so cute. So happy for your expanding family!

  6. Paige Nelson says:

    There’s just something so sweet about Ryland’s animal/baby voice. Just warms my heart. Congrats on the latest additions to your family!

  7. Teresa Feltner says:

    I could’ve watched the alpacas for an hour or more. They are so freaking cute & fluffy !! How lucky these beauties could stay together & find another loving home.

  8. JillnVic says:

    The whole reason for buying land is for this! The joy that they are already giving you is also bringing us joy! I hope the neighbor is on consult for you if you run into issues. Love your new pack! P.S. Not having chickens right now is a great call.

  9. Connor James says:

    Congrats! My parents 5 alpacas have been such an easy, fun little group of family members to have. As long as you find a good vet, and a good shearer (to shear off their fur, trim hooves, trim teeth) you’re set. The only annoying part is picking up poop, and if they fight with each other sometimes (boys will be boys🙄) but other than that, they are a breeze to care for, and will bond with you over time. Oh and they love treats lmao.

  10. Nicole Holt says:

    I love that Ryland put so much thought and effort into this. It’s not just a whim. Thank you!

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