Mike Tyson Crashes the Podcast with Dana White and The NELKBOYS! | FULL SEND PODCAST

Mike Tyson Crashes the Podcast with Dana White and The NELKBOYS! | FULL SEND PODCAST

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This week Dana White and Mike Tyson paid a surprise visit to the office to sit down and chat. Dana talks about the upcoming UFC Anaheim fight, getting chased out of Boston by the mob, being done with Jake Paul, and more.

Thank you boys for all the support on the discord and the METACARD drop. 10,000 sold in a matter of minutes – all thanks to you guys.

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29 Responses

  1. csp says:

    Dana is so smart. To be close with the nelk boyz means he is tapping into audience age 14-25 to UFC. Younger genrations are the future

  2. Bubba says:

    What a great podcast. Best one yet

  3. lol says:

    Mike Tyson is a living legend

  4. Kev p says:

    Sometimes the cons of having crazy guest is you might not be able to get into those conversations that really get the chance to know the guest a bit more. This can be due to reason if not wanting to ruin the relationship or the guest is simply can’t share it. Dana is a pretty stand up dude for a guy of his caliber.

  5. sam i am says:

    the fact that the boys were nobodies 12 years ago, and now have video titles like “Mike Tyson crashes the podcast with Dana White” is just insane. So proud of you boys

  6. Sal Shakeri says:

    You guys have CLOUT like no other ! Got DANA right before the greatest Heavyweight fight of all time. Love Dana’s energy and how he knows when to be chill and when its time for Straight Biz no BS.

  7. dalhoumi jasser says:

    I love how Danna keeps himself updated and motivated by hanging out with the young ambitious generations like nelkboys. Thats why UFC is consistent because Dana knows how to keep himself consistent and its a very hard thing to do nowadays. You can see how many people got famous for couple days then you never hear about them again. Paul brothers are also good in this shit. Keep it up guys! Love the podcast.

  8. 3JsOfficial says:

    “A lot of people want to see him lose, I’m one of those people.” Salim always keeps it real af. Salute to a G.

  9. DrDustclouds says:

    Kyle is SUCH a good podcast host, loving his growth. This was a great one

  10. Ben-a Brahmin says:

    Love the business talk on the recent podcasts. It’s inspiring and gives some great insight on the minds of industry leaders. Keep them coming. The David Grutman and Gary Vee podcasts were great.

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