This isn’t enough to make me mad but it IS Mildly Infuriating


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  1. Lilly Pearson says:

    “I’m somewhat of a neat freak at times… I’m not really consistent with it”

    most relatable sentence ever

    • Kewlausgirl says:

      Exactly see I’m a messy person but…dirt and unclean… No. So I’ll have shit everywhere at home (I really need to get some more cupboards or maybe cull more things I don’t need lol) but it’s clean. It needs to be clean. Lol
      I’m even getting new cat litter boxes that forces them to go inside coz they get kitty litter everywhere and i spend so much time cleaning up after them. I’m currently still on progress of transitioning them but soon it will be barely an inconvenience and super easy to clean up 😉 lol
      Anyhow.. Yeah so I feel bad when someone comes Over and there’s tracks of it across the floor even though I vacuumed the damn thing the day before!!!
      But pet peeve is when I go to their place and find the counter is sticky or the toilet doesn’t look like it’s been cleaned in over a month. Just gross man. No. What is wrong with people!!!

    • Catchytitleofthehardships says:

      @Kewlausgirl so you’re clean you’re just not organized and you live with cats which don’t care about anything being clean besides themselves

    • BoBinator69 says:

      @Catchytitleofthehardships yes exactly bc all this started from me making a joke and then here came the toxic masculinity talk, so of course im responding with ignorance bc the toxic masculinity talk is ignorant

    • Catchytitleofthehardships says:

      @BoBinator69 oh a joke that’s a nice excuse NOW you’re trying to backtrack

      You seem like the type of person that can’t handle the consequences of their own actions

    • indiecloud100 says:

      @BoBinator69 you’re not making anyone laugh by putting down others. You’re just being annoying

  2. jacksepticeye says:


  3. Podcastage says:

    Is this how we learn that Sean’s family is made up exclusively of lawyers?

  4. Janeen Schultz says:

    Sean: “Nothing fazes me anymore.”
    Also Sean: (sees messy car and starts dry heaving)

  5. septicop says:

    The thing that infuriated me about this video is that a random video shows up before the actual post for a few seconds so Jack is just narrating over the wrong video for a couple seconds. If that was intentional, it’s fucking genius.

  6. OberK says:

    Let’s see… Serious ones:
    – people tossing their trash on the street even when close to a trash can, special mention for cigarettes that they don’t put out
    – jerks who blast the music in their tiny car at full volume regardless of where they are
    – children purposely startling animals without their parents reprimanding them for it
    – my neighbours leaving a shopping cart in front of the building for weeks on end
    me being irrational:
    – when someone wants to be nice and help with the dishes, but they don’t clean well enough or swap the spots of the cutlery in the drawer
    – people who eat kiwis like apples, skin and all
    – those 3 giant chunks of improperly cut onion in a bag of pre-cut veggies

    • Ben Dover says:

      if the musics good everyone needs to hear it sorry not sorry lmfao

    • Egar Enterprises Inc. says:

      @Jack bupingston
      Is this what they mean
      Silence is violence

    • River Stein says:


      That’s it. I’m just old and hate people but don’t have the money to be properly antisocial.

    • Shaggy says:

      YES THE DISHES ONE. My sisters do that and it makes me so mad. I’d rather not have a side of old lasagna with my chicken pls 😭

    • Serial Chiller says:

      People who leave pubes on the toilet seat when you need to let loose the river that has been contained for far too long. When people open the door to your bedroom without knocking first and just barge in. Parents who let their little monsters get into everything and run around your house without telling them anything.

  7. Nalydious says:

    Jack: “Mildly Infuriating”

    Me, who ordered an expensive Halloween costume last month, only to have it arrive today, two days after Halloween: “Just a tad bit infuriating, yes”

    • Neon says:


    • EmilyGram12 says:

      I paid $40 extra for my boyfriends costume so that it would get to my house well before Halloween. Showed up on the 28th. Still happy that I got it in time, but I was promised I would get it by the 16th at the latest and I did not get what I paid for

    • Nalydious says:

      @EmilyGram12 I tracked my package, and honestly mine could’ve shown up by the 28th. For some reason, they put it on hold halfway across the U.S, and instead of shipping it straight from Cincinnati to Texas, they took it to L.A for some reason

    • Tabitha Alphess says:

      I had that happen once. I ordered a piece for a Toriel costume a month before Halloween (this was years ago when Undertale was huge). Amazon said it would arrive sometime between the 3rd of October and the 1st of November. Usually they were pretty good about getting it to me at a reasonable time. Not so this time around. I got it on the 1st of November. Now I buy things two months in advanced if I need by a specific date

  8. Stephanie Archer says:

    Moderately infuriating: when people leave dirty dishes on the counter directly next to the sink, and VERY near the empty dishwasher.

    • Tabitha Alphess says:

      They could at least rinse them out and leave them in the sink. At least it’s rinsed and not sitting there taking up space on the counter

  9. TimeBucks says:

    Jack is such a wholesome character

  10. Moely says:

    Jack complaining about heat in his house while wearing a huge jacket, midly infuriating

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