Minecraft, but if I say “die” then I die

Minecraft, but if I say “die” then I die

Minecraft, but if I say “die” then I die. This was too hard.
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I used the program “VoiceAttack” so that whenever I say a mob’s name in Minecraft, it will spawn 10 of that mob. I also added commands where if I say die I die in Minecraft. This was inspired by DougDoug’s Skyrim, but if I say “dragon” then 10 dragons spawn video but in Minecraft instead but mobs spawn if I say their name.

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34 Responses

  1. David says:

    Aparently the new “Spawning bees” is now “Spawning witches”

  2. SirPixel says:

    He’ll keep on adding new things to the point where he can’t say a word without something happening

  3. Sarah Pavao says:

    Speed run Timestamps:
    5 Minutes: 1:50
    10 Minutes: 2:49
    15 Minutes: 3:17
    20 Minutes: 3:58
    25 Minutes: 4:09
    30 Minutes: 4:50
    35 Minutes: 5:44
    40 Minutes: 6:02
    45 Minutes: 6:29
    50 Minutes: 7:03
    55 Minutes: 7:07
    That’s all I could so since, He turned off the thing, Anyways yeah.

  4. • Tobbie_ says:

    I still miss the “spawning bees” 🙁

  5. FnafBoi1987 says:

    Kohl: says hey bro
    Machine: WITCHES

  6. Ádám Márkus says:

    Everyone misses that well known spawning bees

  7. My Singing Content / MSC says:

    That was hilarious when you kept dying lol but thanks for saying “What’s up My Singing Content” in the stream because to be honest that made me happy! By the way I enjoyed the stream

  8. KohlPowered says:

    the bees will make their return in the future..
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  9. Mayravixx says:

    Those witches kept spawning in like: “Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!”

  10. CHHHHH says:

    There’s something missing. “Spawning bees”. Where is it?

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