Minecraft, But Mobs Multiply Every Time You Take Damage

Minecraft, But Mobs Multiply Every Time You Take Damage

Every hit of damage the mobs double. A ridiculous challenge I did with @DougDoug

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40 Responses

  1. DougDoug says:

    this was my first time beating Minecraft, this is pretty normal gameplay right?

  2. Blufinney says:

    The llama strat was genius, just what you’d expect from the best Minecraft speedrunner DougDoug

  3. Big Tomato says:

    DougDoug is randomly appearing in so many youtube channels recently and I’m all for it

  4. Canada Guy says:

    The collab I never knew I wanted, but needed all my life

  5. Red says:

    Ah yes, the PC crasher 9000 challenge.

  6. Planrts says:

    SmallAnt and Doug have great chemistry together

    I hate when people edit their comment to say “now you won’t know why this comment got so many likes.” Like bro just don’t edit your gyat damn comment. Sorry for the rant.

  7. Jackk Rodger says:

    Funnily enough this is how sheep cloning works in real life

  8. Dust D. Reaper says:

    DougDoug missed the perfect chance to show off how good his chat is at singing sea shanties, their rendition of “what would we do with a drunken sailor?” is quite something else

  9. Connor McNulty says:

    DougDoug seems like the kind of friend everyone wants

  10. This Space Is Blank says:

    This is exactly what I expect when Doug plays Minecraft

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