Minecraft, But My Girlfriend Face Reveals…

Minecraft, But My Girlfriend Face Reveals…

A New Era for TommyInnit.
Wife Haver ✅
Successful Businessman ✅
Friend of All Women ✅
I have finally became a Man. No more a “child”. At the humble age of Ninteteen, I have became a sensation, an inspiration & god among the youth of this world. If you look up to be, keep doing so, as I teach you how to wiggle your way through life.

You are all so damn welcome that I am Alive

Em = Molly. Same person. (M = the M for Molly! Such a Smart E-Name!)

My merchandise will be available next week. Because marketing is for fools and I trust you all to buy the good quality things I Offer you, as I am a high level trader, click this link if you just want to see what all the clothes look like. https://imgur.com/QJm68CL
The store is unfinished but I do not care because I am a Transparent gamer. The url: tommyinnit.store

Also my Tour is happening in a month, an excellent, creative show about how to become an Incredibly Successful YouTuber, and you can get tickets here
I know it is somewhat hard to comprehend what a TommyInnit “comedy show” actually entails, but do not worry, as over the next month before June 1st (the tour beginning) I will be posting many videos, to make sure you know it’s worth coming to this One Time Opportunity. Including an entire secret comedy show I did last night, just to warm up for the Tour. That is the Level TommyInnit goes to for you all. Mmmmm. Mhm. He is “the best” of the Lot, if you ask me.

Follow my Twitter – @tommyinnit
Follow my Instagram – @tommyinnit

video edited by Me
subtitled by @drawthatredstone (famed twitch moderator & local philantropist)

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44 Responses

  1. Wisp says:

    I wonder if Tommy will show his face soon

  2. Xyro says:

    The fact the Tommy goes crazy every 2 seconds and Molly is not bothered by it is amazing

  3. Enraged says:

    Genuinely wasn’t expecting her to be as witty as she is. I wanna see more of her in videos!

  4. stoopid.trinity says:

    they literally balance eachother out so well. tommy’s so chaotic and she just sits there all calm

  5. Washing Machine says:

    shes being so sweet and doing her best and tommys just filled with rage lmaoooo

  6. Haminations says:

    Tommy. If you don’t Talk nicer to your girlfriend I’ll have to intervene.

  7. Oliver says:

    Phil is just being the dad figure that likes more the daughter-in-law than his own child

  8. Nolan G. says:

    To be fair, Molly’s house was way better than any house I’ve seen Tommy make

  9. Spade says:

    It’s pretty damn impressive that Molly can put up with Tommy’s shenanigans.

  10. SimonFPV says:

    Tommy an absolute chaotic person, now with the most chill girlfriend.

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