Minecraft Live 2023: Vote for the crab!

Minecraft Live 2023: Vote for the crab!

What’s that waving at Tiny Vu? Oh! It must be the crab, one of the three new mobs that wants to join Minecraft! The crab makes its home in the mangrove swamp and has one enormous claw! It doesn’t just use it for waving at players (hello!) – this giant claw is actually very special. If a player manages to find one, they can use it to place blocks further away when building.  
Vote for your favorite mob from October 13 at 5 pm UTC via the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition event server, the Minecraft Launcher, or on Minecraft.net! Voting is open for just over 48 hours, and closes 15 minutes after the show starts. The winner of the mob vote will be announced at Minecraft  Live, so grab your snacks and get ready to tune into the show on October 15, from 5 pm UTC!

Learn more at https://www.minecraft.net

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49 Responses

  1. Tyrecordslol says:

    I’m guessing it would go in the shield slot

  2. Owen Kuhnke says:

    Would be nice if they could spawn in beaches, regular swamps, and oceans too

  3. DotTheDot says:

    Please let them have a jukebox interaction, it’s all that we ask for

  4. Kendall Stout says:

    I feel like it should spawn in beaches, it’d be fun to have more than just the sea turtle there, but still a unique mob, can’t wait to see what comes next

  5. POTATO says:

    I thought they were going to say “Help the players climb while building” but placing blocks further sounds nice too

    • Matteo Di Gallo says:

      or using the claw as a boomerang

    • osianoso hzrz says:

      ​@Matteo Di GalloPrediction for new update: Boomerang or Spear

    • Fallen_Vague says:

      Well scaffolding exists already. If the claw did that then they’d become useless

    • POTATO says:

      @Fallen_Vague It would be nice for traveling too. I hate wasting blocks to climb when I run into hills or mountains. Just thinking about having climbing ability in the games makes me excited. Just think of the possibilities! But too bad It’s prob not going to happen.

    • Random purple slime says:

      Honestly i dont see the appeal as a builder cus im already used to the default range for building

      Any ideas cus i fr have no clue how it seems useful

  6. Voyager 2.0 says:

    Even if there’s no variants like the frogs, I’m sure a lot of people would like to see them show up on beaches as well, even if they show up more often in the Mangrove Swamps.

  7. Neothedragon02 says:

    Hopefully if they win the mob vote, they will have an easter egg based on the dancing crab.

  8. Shadow Banana says:

    Won’t this make water bucket and haybail clutches way easier? That’d be pretty handy

  9. HueSolaris says:

    Crab already gains big fans!
    Always waving happily and useful for builders.
    Solid 8.5/10

  10. crashr says:

    The crab is instantly more useful than all the mobs from the last vote

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