Minecraft Manhunt, But Anything I Draw I Get…

Minecraft Manhunt, But Anything I Draw I Get…

Go check out lootboy with our link in the description:
https://lootboy.page.link/kierdev and use code: kierdev-03 when you sign up.

Minecraft Manhunt, But Anything I Draw I Get…

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Minecraft Manhunt, But Anything I Type I Get:

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36 Responses

  1. KIER and DEV says:

    Go check out lootboy with our link in the description:
    https://lootboy.page.link/kierdev and use code: kierdev-03 when you sign up

  2. Bren says:

    This is Dev’s “Type Anything” counterpart. It’s safe to say that both Kier and Dev have done equally miserable twists, since both are capable of the same things.

  3. kornelbut says:

    For anyone curious how this works:
    My *theory* is that all of the drawings were pre-coded, and the plugin decides which one to summon depending on how it was drawn by looking at the colors and shapes.

    This is why when Dev drew the nether portal, it always spawned infront of him despite of it being drawn in different places AND why the ground color did not change the outcome.

    It’s why the village spawned in the air with a 1 block thick ground even though Dev drew a full green ground, because it was pre coded to spawn far away infront of Dev, who was on a mountain, which is why it spawned so high.

    It’s why the plugin somehow not only recognized two grey boxes to be a stronghold, but it also knew to not summon it in-front of Dev but to TELEPORT HIM into the stronghold.

    Also the drawing plugin looks taken as it has many options which weren’t used, plus the gun design that Dev got in the end is completely not in theme of the drawing plugin, because Dev pre-picked a gun just to have a gun as it’s cool.

    EDIT: Yeah come to think of it it’s probably just an admin or themselves making the things in creative. Still don’t think it’s fully scripted, at best the twist is an excuse for “Minecraft Manhunt but I can use creative mode if I want to”

    • Meme Magician says:

      CS student here! Such a plugin, if it worked as shown, would require an image classifier AI, and for individual outcomes (stronghold teleportation &etc. ) to be coded in response to *successful* classifications. In my experience, getting that down is a lot of work!

    • MagmaFang Studios says:

      Humans, stop. I think there was either just a list of the possible stuff Dev can draw, and some ai or code detects it and execute whatever command. Or it could have been manual, tho not done by Dev nor Kier, but by the creator of the plugin, or an admin.

    • adrian says:

      @Isaac Terry for me kier reaction is real but the spawning thing is scripted

    • Snissassa says:

      @TheBrickagon thats what i think as w ell

    • Elitus says:

      when he spawns in the nether portal you can look at the background and see that it was clearly cut and just put there

  4. Daddy Virus says:

    He was taken… **black screen** They turned him pink… **black screen** But he persevered… **black screen** And worked his way up the ranks… **black screen** And that was the story… Of General Podrick **Epic Shot from behind with Podrick slowly lifting his head up**

  5. DiscoUnnamed says:

    YES, finally the revenge kier deserves for type anything, VENGEANCE

  6. Rasmus Kums says:

    2:14 kier is one of the only people i know who can also make that sound. everybody thinks they can do it but it’s actually a weird technique. It’s a if you know you know kind of thing.

  7. Omega Finisher says:

    I’d like to see every twist, part 2, with literally every twist, including this one and type anything.

  8. 5 shades of night says:

    Bro the YouTubers that tell you when the sponsored segment is over deserve much more love and support. Also donations

  9. AspectOfChaos says:

    the way kier just gave up and didn’t even bother to try to escape from the TNT is amazing XD

  10. Yyyooo says:

    The best feeling when coming back from breakfast is seeing that Kier and Dev have posted 😂

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