Monkeypox: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Monkeypox: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the recent monkeypox outbreak in the U.S., how we’ve fumbled our response to it, and some aspirations for this coming autumn.

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42 Responses

  1. Peter Byrne says:

    Medical offices use faxes because getting HIPAA compliance documentation from software vendors is like a nightmare shared by Terry Gilliam and Franz Kafka.

    • Shalvus says:

      ​@omi god Easy!
      1. Interception : Faxes use unencrypted data. Do I have to say more?
      2. Faxploit : Look at Checkpoint Software Technologies. They discovered the method and made it known under that name.

      Each method is easy for anyone proficient in Cybersec. 2nd is more tricky if you’d have to reinvent the wheel, but “luckily” it’s available on black markets.

    • Saurotitan says:

      The library I work for still offers use of our fax machine for legal papers

    • Be Kind says:

      HiPAA sounds like it is just an illusion of safety. Probably hurts more than it helps.

    • Robert Talada says:

      @Todd Kagler How exactly, is a magnetic floppy disk EMP resistant? We use EMPs to wipe magnetic storage media.

    • JJ CJ says:

      There’s plenty of compliant software. Even small offices use it. The fed gov can have a centralized system including for the use of states and has had systems set up. Considering that this was a health and national security priority, various aspects of this are massive failures.

  2. Adarmus 47 says:

    My son has NF1. It is horrible. It needs to be closely monitored as tumours can appear on the eyes for example. Sad to see people jump to conclusions about that poor woman and try to shame her on social media.

    • pr0xZen says:

      If you don’t mind me asking; As you say _”it needs to be closely monitored”_ – is it possible to actually anything about them when/if they do manifest in the eye and you discover it early? As in, can the current state of medicine do anything in such a case, that is not significantly destructive to the eye/vision?

    • Generic SideCharacter says:

      Hi I’ve actually got NF1 as well. I wanted to thank you for helping spread more info on it since this is only the second time I’ve seen it mentioned online outside of dedicated material on it.

      I’ve got the growths on my eyes but luckily it’s not covering the pupil so my vision isn’t affected yet. As for the other tumors I’ve had a few surgically removed but they’ve all grown back.

      Anyway, wishing your son the best as a fellow person with the same condition

    • Juan Pablo Sanchez Aveleyra says:

      OMG God bless your kid. But Honestly the best thing that a parent can do is to help them develop thick skin and high self esteem, because what this girl did was overcompensative. Everyone who knows her already knows her condition, and people who don’t know her don’t matter, why come out of social Media ans insulting? Weak minded people desperately want any kind of attention

  3. j r says:

    I want our public health response to be like our military. We should be spending money on vaccines even if we don’t need them just in case we do. Just like (or instead of) spending money on fighter jets even if we don’t need them but just in case we do.

    • Brandon Cary says:

      Can’t have that though, that’s socialized healthcare, the way the military is socialized because the government thinks up a budget & it gets paid for no matter what.

    • I D says:

      ⛽🔥Seditious Conspiracy is what
      👿Murdoch thrives on for enriching
      himself off🚽tabloid🧻airbags💨like
      💩Tucker🪠🪠. . . 🪠! . . . . :-))

    • JJ CJ says:

      What’s wild is that defense money was also spent on this, yet it’s still a hot mess. Including in NYC which was a major focus. Wtf happened with the money.

  4. David Looser says:

    Hey John,

    would it be financially and administratively possible for you and your Team to build up a “what happend sice” website, where news or articles are listed which are linked to specific previously produced episodes?
    All of your topics are extremely important and it would be great to have an easy and source-approved way to keep on track with them.

    Greetings from germany.

    • Youtube made me change my name says:

      Google 😐

    • Meredith Olsson says:

      This is a great idea!

    • David Looser says:

      @Conner Broeker I do. And therefore I have to worry about the former (and hopefully also future) main force that secures my basic western beliefs and core assumptions about how a society should be. The US was that regulatory power and shaped germany and the the german constution in a way which provides me freedom and security. This values need to be protected globally and since germany and the EU are currently not capeable of that, the US inner politcs do indeed matter a lot to me.

    • YSL says:

      Amazing idea!! Thank you for suggesting that! I hope John and his team see this!

    • Kyle R. says:

      Or you could just do the normal human thing and research the world from multiple sources.

  5. EquiNoctis says:

    We all knew a kid who managed to be one of the only ones to fail the test even though the teacher gave out all the answers and didn’t even bother to change anything from the practice exam. But gd I didn’t realize they would all have jobs running the country

  6. boogeiyman says:

    Always nice to drop in on John Oliver when I get too optimistic about life.

  7. Abhishek Saini says:

    A country so fragile, the CDC is afraid to give an honest public health response.

  8. Marie Smyly says:

    As an avid fan of the capybara I will now ONLY refer to them as big pensive sweetie. Highly accurate and adorable.

    • Anthony Hà says:

      Though I would like to add “cuddle puddle” to the list of potential group terms.

    • Anthony Hà says:

      @Henry Tawnn We need a reboot of the Cabbage Patch kids franchise, except now as Capybara.

    • Norma Forsyth says:

      @JediNxf7 Ew. Well, I sure wouldn’t eat any form of rodent. Lol. Still, if that were the standard, they’d probably call a heard of cows, a bbq, a drove of pigs, a bbq, and so on. They’d ALL be called a bbq.

    • butterfly says:

      @Henry Tawnn Capypatch is such a cute word. I’m going to have to vote with your friend’s option.

    • Danil Thorstensson says:

      @Henry Tawnn I heard it was a meditation of capybara

  9. Marcel Max says:

    Letting those doses expire is showing how inhumane this humanity is.

    • Benri says:

      More likely ineptitude than inhumanity. The end result is the same, but it’s less likely that someone said “Screw those guys, they can’t have them!” and more likely that an overworked and underqualified bureaucrat was in a position for which they were ill-suited and failed to exercise appropriate oversight

  10. mglover6472 says:

    I am shocked the health care system hasn’t failed. Nursing is such an under paid (for the effort and education required) profession. And without enough nurses (and CNAs) the health care system will collapse.

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