Monstermax 2 is now powered by 2 Duramax engines and Allison transmissions.We have an amazing brake system and powertrain, but some issues are arising in other components due to the trucks weight. Last and final update before completion. #monstermax2 NOW OPEN

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25 Responses

  1. WhistlinDiesel says:

    Properly designed and amazing looking clothing now available on!!! Very limited supplies

    • ShrekHas Covid19 says:

      deatroy some shitty french cars

    • Christian First says:

      Okay bigger engine on the back and front with reinforced coolant system and internals

    • Karan Balyan says:

      Here’s a complicated idea.
      Instead of bigger sway bars, use sensors and solenoids and supporting mods and turn it into a electronically controlled active suspension. That will also help with raising and lowering the height of the cab for ease of use and service for the components. You could eliminate the sway problem if sensors are constantly monitoring your suspension. I dont think any monster trucks have that setup currently but it would be a damn good suspension to have since you’ll be able to just control the stiffness and all that as well. That would be fkin amazing if you could pull that off. I mean steal the suspension off ur G wagon 😂😂

    • livermach1 says:

      Western canadien rockwell. call and ask for neil. he might be able to help

  2. Turbo Enthusiast says:

    Can’t we just appreciate how well this truck is built.

  3. Deighzed says:

    The confidence that the mechanic had after Cody asked if it worked. Legendary.

  4. Jon Edgar Waller says:

    The pure excitement you showed in this video is worth every second of watch time! Also, this might be the first time I’ve seen you actually concerned about a part that got damaged unintentionally.

    • TEXT ME ON TELEGRAM 👉 @Codydetwilerofficial says:

      Thanks for watching ❤️❤️
      Send me a message I have a package for you📦📦

  5. K.I.S.S. Data Technologies says:

    I love that literally every part of this build is overkill yet somehow you managed to tame and break the beast on the test drive, must have been that sway bar.

    • Telegra me @👉whistlinDiesel16 says:

      Thanks for wactching and congratulations 👏you have been selected among our shortlisted winners🎊dm on telegram for you price 🎁🎁

  6. Brody Campbell says:

    Cody is such a hard working nice guy he deserves everything he has and more

  7. Bebo Rodner says:

    I don’t care how long it takes to get MM2 sorted.. filming these trial runs is pure comedy gold!! Great video!!

  8. Gordon James says:

    To see this coming to life is amazing. Genuinely can’t believe that every episode you guys level up

  9. David Forde says:

    The suspension badly needs springs, but this is an insane build regardless.

  10. Shuaib Gazali says:

    I have no doubt that monster truck will be appearing soon better then ever. Thank you to Cody and everyone els behind the scene for this amazing content!!👏👏

    • TEXT ME ON TELEGRAM 👉 @Codydetwilerofficial says:

      Thanks for watching ❤️❤️
      Send me a message I have a package for you📦📦.

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